Friday, July 16, 2021

Three Presidents Reject Covid Vaccines; Three Presidents Die - By Chuck Baldwin

(Just another coincidence, eh? - CL)


“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Therefore, when three different presidents from three different countries all die under mysterious circumstances within months of each other—with one of those deaths being an audacious assassination—it truly stretches the limits of denial to suggest the deaths were NOT planned.

The only real question is, “Why?”

Tim Brown covers the story:

Either you believe there is an actual conspiracy or you believe that this is nothing more than a coincidence, which flies in the face of . . . logic.  Three presidents from three countries died under mysterious circumstances, and within months of each other, after they refused the experimental COVID injections for their people.

The governments we are talking about who refused the World Health Organization’s death jab are Burundi, Tanzania and most recently Haiti.

Here are these men.

In Burundi it was President Pierre Nkurunziza.

In Tanzania, it was President John Magufuli.

In Haiti, it was President Jovenel Moïse.

All three of those Presidents are now DEAD.

Did you get that? Here it is again, “Three presidents from three countries died under mysterious circumstances, and within months of each other, after they refused the experimental COVID injections for their people.”

Brown follows up:

I knew there was something under the surface and that includes possible US involvement in President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination.  In fact, I had at the forefront of my mind that it was over the issue of these non-vaccines being sold as “vaccines.” Now, the evidence is becoming increasingly clear that this man was about to blow the whistle on these poisonous injections

If you remember, the suspected assassins had ties with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  They were trained by the US.

Brown then quotes JD Rucker:

Haiti is the only nation in the western hemisphere that does not have Covid-19 injections available to the people. Considering the extreme poverty, cramped conditions, horrible healthcare infrastructure, and a population that is extremely vaccine hesitant, one might think the nation would be a cesspool of Covid-19 cases. It is not. In fact, scientists had been studying the people in the nation to determine why they seem to be so resistant before being recalled for unknown reasons.

To put it into perspective, let’s compare Haiti to New Jersey. They have a similar population density with Haiti having 11.5 million people across 10,714 square miles and New Jersey having 9.2 million people across 8,721 square miles. Haiti has had 19,295 Covid-19 cases. New Jersey has had 1,026,286. Some of this can be attributed to Haiti’s poor medical infrastructure reducing the amount of Covid tests, but lack of tests cannot account for dramatically lower deaths. They’ve had 482 compared to New Jersey’s 26,509 Covid deaths.

Let’s break down those numbers. Despite similar population density, higher total population, and worse healthcare available, Haiti has had 1.8% of the Covid cases that New Jersey has had. Put another way, the citizens of New Jersey with a high vaccination rate are 53-times more likely to contract Covid-19 than Haitians who do not have access to a vaccine.

Moïse knew this. It’s one of the reasons he rejected free vaccines in May and June. But you won’t hear about that. Not anymore. The official storyline about Haiti’s vaccine hesitancy has suddenly changed following Moïse’s assassination. Now, the health officials in the country are claiming they didn’t reject ALL vaccines, just the AstraZeneca vaccines because of the higher risks they supposedly have. Of course, this narrative didn’t materialize until AFTER Moïse was murdered.

With Moïse out of the way, the doors are opening wide for the nation that doesn’t need nor want the vaccines to suddenly have them available. As if on cue, the Biden regime has offered to send millions of vaccines to the nation very soon.

Never in history has there been such pressure, manipulation, coercion, threats, bribes and now perhaps political assassinations all with the intent of forcing people to take a shot.

Folks, take off the blinders!

Employers are telling employees they will be fired if they don’t get the shot. They are being told they won’t be hired if they don’t get the shot. People are being told that they cannot attend certain public events if they don’t get the shot. Television commercials are filled with celebrities cajoling people to get the shot. Insurance companies are filling up people’s answering machines with appeals to get the shot. States, municipalities and corporations are offering people financial incentives to get the shot. Anthony (Heil Hitler) Fauci is predicting two distinct Americas: one for those with the shot and one for those without the shot. Joe Biden is saying that soon government bureaucrats will be going door-to-door “encouraging” people to take the shot.

And you can bet that the real reason for the government’s door-to-door canvassing is for the purpose of data collection: to put people in a government database of “haves” and “have nots,” which will be the precursor for all sorts of draconian action against the “have nots.”

So much for medical privacy.

All of this effort and expense, all of this bribery and coercion, all of this manipulation and intimidation, all of this pressure and force to protect against a virus that has a 99% survival rate.

And now there appears to be a distinct probability that three presidents have been murdered because they each rejected the distribution of the Covid vaccines in their respective countries.

Anyone who believes that the Covid narrative—including taking the shot—is all about people’s safety is dumber than a box of rocks. The central government in Washington, D.C., doesn’t care a hoot in Hell whether you and I live or die.

To the elites in government, people are but serfs to till the land and pay the taxes. They are mere subjects whose votes can be easily purchased with bread and circuses—and food stamps and free cell phones and free school lunches and free rent and free insurance and free housing, ad nauseam.

Amazingly, almost everyone is ignoring the fact that more Americans have died from the Covid vaccines in the first FIVE MONTHS of this year than from all the vaccines during the past TEN YEARS.

Almost everyone is ignoring the fact that a court in Lisbon, Portugal, has determined that only 0.9% of “verified cases” actually died of Covid, numbering 152, not the 17,000 claimed. And people also ignore the fact that fraudulent claims regarding Covid deaths such as the ones in Portugal are universal and are taking place where they live.

Almost everyone is ignoring the fact that the European Union has reported that through June 19, 2021, there have been 1.5 million vaccine injuries and over 15,000 deaths.

Reports such as these are endless, and almost everyone totally ignores them.

I’ll say it straight out: The Covid vaccinations are not designed to protect us; they are designed to enslave us.

I’ll go even further: The entire phony Covid narrative was hatched in the pits of Hell. The Covid vaccines are the tip of the spear in the antichrist, Babylonish, beastly governmental system that is now emerging.

People who are sheepishly surrendering to the Covid Empire are not only putting the shackles of slavery around their necks and endangering their lives, they are potentially damning their eternal souls.

Let me again remind readers that I have a series of 5 messages on 1 DVD entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.

I have also produced a DVD message that supplements the above series of messages called The Babylon Of Revelation 18.

I urge readers to watch these messages.

If evangelical Christians were not so deceived by the false doctrines of Scofield futurism and Israel-based dispensational prophecy propaganda, they would have rejected the phony Covid narrative from day number one, and this demonic antichrist system would have been dead in the water before it even started. But the false Rapture theory taught by John Darby and Cyrus Scofield brilliantly and cunningly set up the Church for this devilish deception.

This is Apollyon’s perfect storm.

This satanic system has already snuffed out the lives of untold numbers of innocent people—including three presidents.

If you think the vaccines are designed to end a “pandemic,” you are totally mistaken. They are designed to START a pandemic—a pandemic of universal government control over every jot and tittle of our lives.

Here is the cold, hard truth: Anyone—Republican or Democrat—who promotes the Covid vaccines is a tool of antichrist. This is the satanic assault of our lifetimes.

Martin Luther may have said it best:

If I profess, with the loudest voice and the clearest exposition, every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefield besides is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that one point.

The Covid vaccines are that point of the battlefield through which the world and the devil are now attacking. Any pastor, any church, any “Christian,” any “conservative” who is not faithful to resist THIS attack has disgraced the Christian faith, fled from Biblical truth and assisted the power of antichrist.

And all of this is the direct result of the damnable doctrines of Christian Zionism. We can now probably add the presidents of Burundi, Tanzania and Haiti to its list of victims.

Reprinted with permission from Chuck Baldwin.

Copyright © Chuck Baldwin