Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Notes on Nick Fuentes’ Twitter Ban and the Future of the Totalitarian-Libertarian State, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Nick Fuentes was always going to get banned from Twitter eventually.

He’d managed to get the blue check back a long time ago, then managed to keep his optics close enough to the mainstream to keep from getting banned longer than anyone else. Still, every time he tweeted, it was dead man walking.

The Hebrew Hammer came down on him on Thursday.

He was the last interesting person on the site, other than rando shitposters.

Bizarrely, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewish racial activism group, is bragging that they were able to get him banned by claiming that he had offended the Jewish race. They even made a meme to celebrate, blocking out his eyes, implying it is a kind of ritual murder.................

.........Obviously, don’t click that link without a VPN or Tor. The long and short story of that link is that it is just a bunch of isolated quotes that the Jews have claimed offend them.

With regards to the moron-level boomer claim that Twitter is a private company which is allowed to take away anyone’s First Amendment rights, it should be noted that the SPLC contracts with the federal government, including the FBI, usually as relates to targeting people who have offended the Jews and entrapping them with fake crimes.

For example: the fake Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax that the FBI staged against members of the Oath Keepers earlier this year was an indirect or direct result of the SPLC lobbying the FBI to frame First and Second Amendment activists who have served in the military, as the SPLC considers former military men who identify as American Patriots to be terrorists.

If you have a desire to understand more about the Jewish agenda in America, it is worthwhile to find copies of the enemies lists of the SPLC and their sister organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an Israeli lobbying group. These Jewish interest groups put together these enemies lists in order that they should be targeted by federal law enforcement. Putting aside their mystifying, arcane rhetoric and jargon, ADL-SPLC enemies lists are identical conceptually to those fed to the NKVD by Jewish racial activism groups under the Bolshevik regime in Jewish-occupied Russia.

The organization’s stated goal is to promote Jewish interests and Jewish power in America. However, in a documentary about the Alt-Right released in 2017, SPLC employee Mark Potok was interviewed in his office at their headquarters, and it was revealed that he has a note on his wall tracking the replacement of the white population in America. This reveals their obvious but unstated goal, which is the extermination of white people.

It should also be noted that the SPLC has continually been caught working with Antifa, a leftist paramilitary group that operates on behalf of the FBI to shut down political activism that would be illegal for the government to shut down directly. The connections between the SPLC, Antifa, and the FBI are all well-documented.

Considering all of that, it becomes nonsensical to claim that being banned at the behest of the SPLC amounts to a ban by a “private company.” The SPLC operates with the blessing of federal law enforcement, and thus there is inherently a threat of law enforcement action for those who refuse to comply with SPLC demands.

What’s more, Twitter itself contracts with the federal government and is given privileged tax status and other financial incentives, so it is also nonsensical to attempt to try to classify Twitter as a “private company.”

The argument from fake conservatives that Twitter is a “private company” and therefore able to silence speech of political dissidents is pure tripe, fed to morons who have no basic understanding of the facts of the situation. The people who promote this talking point are various types of shills, themselves generally receiving funding from other special interest groups.

There are certainly arguments regarding whether a company that functions as a monopoly should be able to universally deny Constitutional rights to individual American citizens. Obviously, we live in a country where Christian bakers are required to bake cakes for so-called “gay marriages,” and Christian companies are required to provide female employees with birth control. What’s more, the concept of “free association” has not existed in America since the 1964 civil rights act, which forced private companies to hire minorities against their will. It is not as though we live in a completely unregulated libertarian system, and all companies generally are regulated by the federal government. The reason that Silicon Valley is able to escape most forms of regulation is that while they were developing, government regulators did not understand the tech industry, and after they developed, they were taking in so much money that they were able to buy off politicians.

Just a brief example from each side:

  • Jim Jordan, who is a Republican who vocally claims to be a conservative and a supporter of the First Amendment, is funded by Google. He goes out in front of the public and claims that he will do something to stop Google from censoring conservatives, then fails to do anything of the sort.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Democrat, and she is funded by Amazon. She claims to seek to change Amazon’s policies with regards to the treatment of labor, but does not do that. Instead, she pushes the Amazon agenda of lobbying for a $15 minimum wage, which is something that the company wants to do in order to harm Walmart.

Moreover, all of these tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, as well as much smaller companies, maintain backchannels in order to coordinate censorship of targeted individuals. That is while these companies are all also working with special interest groups like the ADL-SPLC, as well as with state-mouthpiece media like CNN. Ultimately, what you have is a criminal conspiracy to target enemies of the Jews and the left more broadly....................

......When I was banned by Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies in 2017, Google stole my website, Google also delisted the site, making it very difficult to find on search. At the same time, much smaller companies across the entire Western world, even outside of America, conspired together to refuse me service. Furthermore, I was banned by Cloudflare, a CDN which is required to keep your website online. I was the first person ever banned without a court order, and since then the only other site banned was 8chan. The alternative that I am presently using would be prohibitively expensive for most people, and it is only possible for me due to the generosity of some supporters. This service costs more than all other expenses combined, by a lot.

I was also permanently denied access to any form of financial services, including being permanently banned (or prevented from signing up) by all cryptocurrency exchanges. To this day, I am prevented from opening a bank account at any bank in the entire world that operates on the SWIFT system.

When the SPLC released their demands for the banning of Nick Fuentes, they also demanded that Tim Pool be banned. Bizarrely, Pool agreed to answer emails from the SPLC, and made the maliciously false claim that “anyone can start their own website.”

This is demonstrably false. I was denied the ability to start my own website by every company in the United States, hence the fact that we are now operating on a “.su” domain. There is something called the “domain registry system” which you are required to use in order to maintain a URL, and the companies that provide this service are, you guessed it, “private companies who are allowed to choose who they do business with.” Although this process of denying someone the ability to host a domain has only been used against me so far (a similar but slightly less extreme version of this was used to shut down 8chan), it is the final step of censorship. It will ultimately be used against anyone who is deemed too dangerous to the system to be allowed to operate in any capacity.

Tim Pool knows this. I know he knows this because he has spoken specifically about my situation. I have no knowledge as to why he chose to lie about this, but I suspect he was foolishly attempting to ingratiate himself with the SPLC in an attempt to avoid being targeted. He made those statements before the article was published, so he can now see that his clever strategy failed. He is on the list now, beside Nick Fuentes, and the ban hammer will eventually come down on him as well.

If an intelligent and educated person was told that the above described situation meets any conceivable definition of a “free market,” they would be laughed at and immediately accused by other intelligent and educated people of either being a malicious liar, or insane. Fortunately for the corporations, special interest groups, and the Federal government, they are not required to make this argument to intelligent and educated conservatives, but only to moronic Fox News viewers.

At the time I was censored, I compared this to every store or restaurant that sells food conspiring together to deny me service so that I would starve to death, and asked if the supposed conservatives, who were at the time supporting the “right of private companies” to conspire to silence me, would also support food-sellers conspiring to starve me to death. None of these alleged conservatives decided to field that argument. However, ironically, we are now looking at that precise situation on an even larger scope, with the totalitarian libertarian ideology being applied to a much wider range of services than simply grocery stores.

The Biden Administration’s plan for a “vaccine passport” will be enacted through “private companies.” For those who haven’t been following: this system is already being deployed in Europe, although there the government has the authority to do it (just like they have the authority to censor “hate speech”). The same system is planned here, using the “private company” workaround. It is intended to be a system with both a biometric facescan and a QR code check-in..............

...........There is zero effective difference between the government taking away your rights and a cabal of ostensibly private corporations colluding to take away your rights. The difference is entirely abstract. The effect on your life is exactly the same.

Just like tech companies work together, and with the government, with the special interest groups and consensus media overseeing them all, an endless list of various companies operating in various industries will be compelled to cooperate in this vaccine passport agenda, where the unvaccinated are targeted and denied service.

For example: both airlines and all major retailers have already signaled willingness to cooperate with the vaccine passport agenda. This will mean that you will not be able to get on a plane or enter any chain retail store or restaurant without having up-to-date vaccine credentials and agreeing to have your every movement tracked through a smartphone application. Of course, in the case of airlines, there are no “independent” options, and you will simply not be allowed to fly without having however many vaccines they demand you have. With some retail options, there may be independent alternatives which will allow you to buy goods without the vaccine passport. However, just as we have seen with the government targeting small tech companies such as Parlor, the government will target companies who refuse to comply with the vaccine passport with punitive regulation. Furthermore, the judicial system will be used against companies that do not comply, allowing negligence lawsuits to be brought against these companies.

The government will not force you to use the app, but most people will nonetheless be forced to use the vaccine passport in order to purchase basic necessities through the manipulation of these “private companies.” This entire process was never implemented before the tech companies were given the ability to deprive people of their First Amendment rights. You can view mass tech censorship as a kind of trial run and proof of concept for the much larger vaccine passport agenda. Similarly, a version of this strategy is being used to deprive people of property ownership, via the Federal Reserve bank working with Wall Street to buy up all private property at above market prices.........

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