Saturday, July 31, 2021

meaning in history: Second Transcript: Dr. Robert Malone Throwing Bombs

Second Transcript: Dr. Robert Malone Throwing Bombs

OK, what follows is a transcript of a portion--a six minute portion--of Steve Bannon interviewing Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the technology behind the mRNA gene therapy. You can view the video and capture facial expressions here, but this is as exact a transcription as I can make.

It's interesting to compare this interview to the longer one with Dr. Peter McCullough, which I posted earlier today. McCullough's interview stuck basically to medical issues. Malone's interview is very much about politics, and Malone is eager to discuss that aspect of the Covid regime. 

Malone's new meme is that of the "noble lie". That's the idea--originating with Plato, in his Republic, that it's OK to lie to the public for a higher good. My personal view is that Malone is being too kind in ascribing such a "noble" motive to the lying that Tony Fauci has been doing for years. The fact is, there's one helluva lot of money at stake in all this. For example, in the discussion about the forthcoming Novavax vaccine, one issue is that the government has millions and millions of Pfizer dozes in storage that are expiring. A good time to release Novavax, you think? Not so fast! The government--your government, right?--just ordered millions more dozes of Pfizer. So maybe Novavax will be delayed. 

How much do you think that was worth to Pfizer? Feel free to answer that question in terms of campaign contributions. Human lives, the public good? Eh, what are you talking about?

Here we go:


Bannon: Is it toxic to put spike protein into a human being?

Malone: So, everything's relative. Spike has toxicities. The "native" spike has clear toxicities--that's part of what drives the Covid disease. Every drug or vaccine is toxic at some level in some percent of people, and there's pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is causing toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is, How big is that subset, and how broad and bad are those toxicities? The honest truth is, we don't know. And furthermore, there's a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us. So, how does ...

Bannon: Ho, ho, ho, hang on for a second. [Laughs.] You drop bombs all the time. What do you mean, "being withheld from us?" Allie Vechey (ph) just said at MSNBC, The dirty dozen's the problem, the misinformation's the problem, the Surgeon General's the problem, Dr. Malone--the inventor of this--he's now the problem because he's gone rogue. How do you back up the fact you think they're holding back information? What do you cite, and what information are they withholding?

Malone: Because I have colleagues in the government who are fully aware and were aware months before, for instance, the cardio-toxicity was disclosed, that the cardio-toxicity was an issue. What I'm hearing now, from multiple sources, is that individuals are purchasing access, for instance, to the Medicare/Medicaid database and--high net worth individuals--and are paying for bio-statisticians to independently evaluate those. And in some cases bio-statisticians and data experts are doing this voluntarily, because they're so concerned about what's going on. Now, what they're finding is that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events [that are available] in data that the US government produces, [data] that is readily available to the CDC. And my colleagues, senior colleagues at the FDA, have known that this was the case for months, and are very frustrated. 

This goes back to my interview with Tucker where I, another bomb I dropped, that these databases are horrible. But despite all their limitations, people with skill are able to datamine those [databases] and identify things like the cardio-toxicity that, at the time, the CDC denied existed. There are multiple examples where it appears that the CDC appears to be editing data in support of the "noble lie". Remember, going back to that, the core thesis--it's in the Federal Register--the core thesis is that any information that would cause vaccine hesitancy must be suppressed. That's what's going on. Let's be clear about that. And they believe that it's OK to do so because it's in the best interests of the public. This is classic noble lie logic. It's also happening in Israel. 

But this is a different time. People, right or wrong, believe that they deserve to have access to all of these data, make their own choices, exercise their own free will, not be forced into decisions by the government about risks that they don't fully understand. Yet the government still believes that it's OK to treat us in this paternalistic manner, like they did back in the 50s--like they say, treat us like a bunch of mushrooms, understand the metaphor. That's no longer OK in the modern age.

But what's different now is that they have these enormously powerful mechanisms for controlling information they never had before. And that's this intersection of New Media, Old Media, and Big Tech. That's what's going on here, and they never had that level of power in their tools before.

Bannon: Does the Pfizer situation with the booster, the difference between a conspiracy theory and a fact is about six months, because remember, a couple of months ago, anybody who would bring up the fact that we're gonna need a booster, another shot, was a conspiracy theorist. Does that get to your point about the noble lie? Remember, they trashed everybody who even brought it up, because ...

Malone: [Laughing] Yeah, Tony [Fauci] jumped on Pfizer right away, right? and said, No, you can't say that! It's an amazing demonstration of this in real time, where the leadership of Pfizer says, We're gonna need a booster in six months because the durability of our vaccines is waning. By the way, that's exactly the window when Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) becomes the greatest risk, is during the waning phase of a vaccine. The Pfizer guy says, We gotta do this to protect people! Tony jumps on him and says, I didn't allow you to say that! That's the paraphrase of what he did. If you need yet another demonstration of Tony's willingness to distort the truth, there you got it! [Shaking head and laughing.]

Please note with regard to Malone's reference to ADE, that that's essentially what McCullough is also talking about with regard to the way the "variants" develop.