Sunday, February 18, 2024

British Asset Dies in Russia - Vox Popoli

 It’s a bit much for the people who are holding Julian Assange and the J6 political prisoners in prison for doing absolutely nothing that can be reasonably regarded as criminal to shed crocodile tears over the death of a British intelligence asset who tried to overthrow the Russian government in a Russian prison.

Now that you’ve heard the fake outrage from the West, let’s look at the information they withheld from you. Navalny is a terrorist. He was caught planning a color revolution to overtake Russian with MI6. He’s not “political opposition”. He’s a foreign intelligence asset. A spy.

Below, you can see Navalny discussing planning “mass protests, civil initiatives, propaganda, establishing contacts with elites” with British MI6 agent, James William Thomas Ford, via the funding from unnamed rich billionaires.

Navalny was the West’s frontman to takeover Russia from within. The same exact playbook they used to take over Ukraine. Navalny was a Deep State asset, and he was treated as such. As a hostile foreign actor looking to overthrow a sovereign nation, on behalf of the West. Treason and sedition. So spare me with the West’s fake outrage and pearl-clutching, as if Putin is unfairly jailing and murdering political opponents, while the Trump witch hunt is going into its 8th year… and while Julian Assange is still being tortured in prison…

Biden and the MSM are already trying to leverage this situation to coerce Americans to send more money to Ukraine. The entire thing is a hoax, just like everything else they do.

Navalny was literally caught on video plotting a color revolution in Russia. He was a traitor to his nation and a corrupt actor in service to Clown World. He was a very evil man. Pay attention to anyone pretending that he was some sort of political martyr, because that is a reliable confirmation of loyalty to Clown World.

UPDATE: The British are desperately trying to turn this into a thing. It isn’t working. At all.

World mourns Alexei Navalny. World leaders lash out with Biden blaming Russian despot’s brutal regime for Kremlin critic’s death inside Arctic penal colony – as protests erupt across the world

Yes, clearly the Chinese and the Zambians are outraged, simply outraged. Sadly, the Palestinians are too busy being Gazacausted to take to the streets, while the Europeans are already occupied with protesting their own governments’ attempts to commit economic suicide.

Besides, as we all know, Russian prisons are safe and effective. And indeed, it has been reported that Mr. Navalny died of “suddenly”, which we have been repeatedly assured is entirely normal these days.