Sunday, February 18, 2024

Russia’s Navalny was a CIA/SOROS Coup Agent - Helena

 I don’t normally jump on the colonial bandwagon but couldn’t stop myself.  Navalny.   90% of Americans probably have absolutely no idea who he is or his history behind the many Soros backed coups using Navalny as the bed bug.    Backdrop:   A decade ago Soros declared that there were TWO countries standing in the way of Global Control via Agenda 2030 – US and Russia.   The reasoning was because these two Christian based countries were likely to be the most nationalist and fight for their COUNTRY!  Patriotism was an evil hindrance that had to be destroyed!

Prior to 2015, Soros and the House of Rothschild had free reign in Russia as NGO’s.  In a nutshell – Putin booted the Cartel and declared they were no longer welcome in his country in any manner – including foreign agents.  Soros was royally pissed and began his campaign to advance a Putin coup.   The Obama Regime embraced this, Germany participated, the UK stepped in and France was relegated to comply albeit with more hesitancy.   Soros and his Cartel would have turned Russia into a carbon copy of what we see in America if Putin hadn’t called on The Bear!

That is why America looks like a freak show and Russia looks divine!

As a result of being booted Soros adopted his coup strategy with more vehemence and Navalny was groomed through McKinsey & Co.   There were a few protest rallies sponsored by Germany, US and the UK, but in the end – Putin always came out on top and Navalny in tatters.   Despite the classic MSM drool parade on behalf of Navalny, he was a failure and the Cartel couldn’t find a replacement so as to take over Russia.   Which is/was their goal.

But the US government response to Navalny’s death is way over the top – unless one considers that Navalny was likely a CIA recruit asset.   It also would thus reveal that the CIA flubbed yet another job.   And the Ukraine ‘aide package’ is meant to assuage the CIA’s failures while giving them the funding they need to take complete control of the Ukraine government and military.   Their aim?  Kill thousands of Civilians and prod Putin into a higher degree of retaliation – WWIII.   The ONLY way out of their DEBT debacle which is now over 10 times larger than the Pentagon’s l$3 trillion in lost money –  the impetus for 9-11 – create a Massive Casualty War.

  • The airwaves having united with their scripts along with Congress would have us believe that somehow  giving $65 Billion to Ukraine will solve the CIA’s woes.
  • Congress is emphatically stating that Putin killed Navalny.  Therefore, it is the business of America and Americans to try him absentia via mass media owned and operated by the House of Rothschild and give Ukraine money that we have yet to print.

The fact that the Republicans are doing NOTHING to help the 1200 Patriots imprisoned and charged by a dossier of evidence that was wiped by the Democrat Committee –  is ignored.   It is of interest to note that our Defense Head of the US, Lloyd Austin, has a Ukraine flag to the right of his desk – as a permanent fixture and reminder to who he works for.

The fact that Americans now reside in a military communist junta state falsely labeled a Democracy is appeasement gob speak and nothing more.   A playbook out of Africa.  Congress will do anything for money.   Including murder.

It is worth noting that when the Jan 6 Committee deleted all the evidence from files – every single prosecuted case can now be dismissed and the perpetrators, in a free and just society, could be held accountable and charged with criminal intent to spoil evidence subject to a fine and jail time.

Oddly, not one member of Congress among 365 lawyers can muddle through this particular revelation – instead they drive for such death defying bills and procedures such as making illegal immigrants – illegal.   Instead they are consumed with how leaders run their country.  Ted Cruz:   “The Russian Regime has been trying to murder Navalny for years to stop his criticism of Putin’s corruption and autocracy and to intimidate the Russian people.”

Thus revealing that Ted Cruz is also a deep state puppet parroting a talking point.

Navalny, like Cruz and the vast majority of Congress, were part of the same “Team”.  They belong to and are owned by ~ The CIA.   This was the biggest revelation that came from Putin when interviewed by Tucker.   No one in Congress or the WH has any power – when dealing with America, Putin went straight to the Big Guy ~ The CIA Director.

Of course there is that other nasty little problem that lawyers like Cruz can’t seem to wrap their bellies around – they are making false and defaming accusations without evidence, proof, or any medical examiner’s determination.   Much like the Jan 6 Committee.   They are denying US Constitutional Law as a result;  innocent until proven guilty by a court of peers.  Instead they impose communist ideologies while lecturing about Democracy.   Trying to earn brownie points – not for their constituents – but for the Mafia Cartel which requires its subjects to make certain pre-scripted statements per month.   Like an influencer.

It isn’t just the January 6ers who were forcibly denied their lives, Julian Assange remains in limbo as the CIA demands his return to US soil ~ a death sentence.   Seth Rich who was murdered when the Democrat Party, aka Hillary, discovered he was the leak ~ a death sentence.   Jake Gardner, a young veteran making his way and leaving his military past in Iraq behind was released from charges of killing a black man on grounds of self-defense.   The corrupt Democrats decided to overturn the courts self defense claim and insert a their own new and improved black DA to take Gardner down.  ~ a death wish that concluded in Gardner committing suicide.

Republicans?   Nothing.  Ted Cruz?  Nothing.

Yet, a Russian dies while in a Siberian penal colony and it becomes international news claiming ~ murder by Putin.  SHAME!

Navalny tried running for a mayoral position – lost with 27% of the votes.   He attempted to run for President in Russia in 2018 but was banned for his past corruption charges.   Ultimately in court again – he was convicted of fraud and contempt of court and sent to a penal colony for his 10 year sentence.   What would Putin’s motive be to have Navalny killed?   There would be no need – the penal colony sentence was in its early years.

Just more Hasbara – initiated by Israel  – to detract from Rafah and Netanyahu’s brutality and lay the evil autocractic label on Putin given the CIA is in PR mode.   A non-story.  

Headlines Lost in the Deflection:

Israel asks World Court to reject request for Rafah emergency orders.

Rafah images show huge blast craters close to camps.

Ukraine forces give up Avdiivka as Russia raises flag.

Ukraine backers in house explore ways to run rimrod over Johnson in order to bypass the Constitution for an aide package immediately.

The Russia is a New National Security Risk per classified documents – was a dud.