Friday, February 9, 2024

So, Karl Denninger

(Prediction - those who need to listen so they begin to understand what's going on......WON'T; those who have a fair grasp already....WILL! - CL)

Tucker got his interview -- and is still, at least as far as I know, alive.

It's two hours and I understand many of you will simply not listen -- whether because you believe its a propaganda piece or simply because it takes longer than a TikTok or Snapchat to do so.

You're a fool if you don't.

Yes, I took the entire two hours and a few last evening.

Putin, unlike all of our current Executive, carried no notes and used no teleprompter.  He began with what Tucker later described as what he believed might an attempt to filibuster, and I too carried the same opinion for the first, oh, 10 minutes or so.  But then it became clear what he was doing; unlike our so-called "press conferences" there was no pre-arranged time limit, and Putin believed it was important to lay forward the history of the the land formerly and now Russia.

Do I think it made sense for him to do this?  Yes.  He didn't teach me anything new but interestingly enough, during said first 30 minutes or so, I didn't find anything that was clearly bullshit and intended to mislead.  It really, indeed, was history "as we currently understand that it actually happened."

If there was a complaint with that I'd point out that he didn't acknowledge (go figure given his point of view) that the land now known as "Ukraine" has historically been a trade crossroad and that the entire reason the USSR left it as a more-or-less federated territory with sort of its own government was that the roughly four primary factions it had degenerated to by the 1900s all would be perfectly happy to bury the hatchet -- in each other's heads -- at one cross word.

I'll bet most Americans don't know even 10% of it, however, which is enough reason all on its own to listen to the interview.

Now juxtapose that with the report out on Biden.

The DOJ basically "excused" Biden's classified document retention -- even though stating that Biden had deliberately kept same, knowing he had no right to do so and further that he deliberately gave material to other, non-cleared persons, but that they were not going to prosecute because he was feeble-minded enough that a jury would not convict him as they would see him as insufficiently mentally competent to have the required mental capacity to commit the offense!

Now back to Putin -- he laid out that in his opinion it is the corruption of the west, not just in the United States either, that has made up until now a settlement in Ukraine impossible.

And by the way, all the predictions that the sanctions and de-dollar stuff with Russia would kill their economy -- that has simply not worked out.  At all.  I don't know that I'd call Russia "winning" in regard to the Ukraine situation but they're certainly not losing, and as I've pointed out repeatedly Putin, and anyone who follows him if and when he is deposed or dies, will choose nuclear war over ditching Crimea and IMHO for justifiable cause, so if that is in your list of demands from the other side I hope you are ok with the end of civilized society in the west because you're going to get it if you're dumb enough to press the issue that far.  You don't have to like that but you do have to recognize and work within that which is fact.

The other point that Putin put forward, and he's right, is the self-destruction we have created when it comes to the settlement of trade moving away from dollars and toward both Yuan and Rubles.  That this change toward a more-multipolar world in that regard has ruined the capacity of Congress to run deficits without inflation immediately reflecting back into the US and that our Congress has refused to change fiscal policy to conform with this was also clear -- and it looks like, when the inflation point came up, it either went over Tucker's head or that he just decided not to focus in on it (we'll see whether he picks up on it and goes after Congress once back in the US.)  And by the way there was a hidden dig in there -- did you catch it?

Where is this headed?

I don't know.

But thus much I can tell you: One man with his wits around him and another who, by the declaration of the DOJ, is insufficiently mentally powered to know when his son died even within a few years, and who then ratifies that opinion while denying it by claiming that MEXICO borders Gaza in a presser just a few hours later in public, is not how we reach some sort of settlement of the issues between our nations.