Friday, February 2, 2024

SITREP 1/31/24: Secret Back-Channel Talks Spur Hopes on Iran De-escalation + Zelensky-Zaluzhny Showdown SIMPLICIUS THE THINKER

 Twists and turns put new ruffles in the ongoing MidEast saga.

Last time we left off with American troops suffering some of their first ever direct deaths at the hands of “Iranian proxies”, inflaming major retaliatory talk by the Biden administration.

But the latest clarifying updates reveal that a whirlwind of ‘secret negotiations’ has ensued behind the scenes, with the Biden administration desperately trying to signal an “understanding” with Iran without losing face. These are complex and multi-faceted talks because there are rumors of the direct and indirect involvement of many parties, including Hezbollah. In general, it can be summarized as: Israel is on a scorched earth tear, and the US is running behind it with a fire extinguisher, desperately trying to keep the flames under control.

Biden, dazed and confused as always, embodies US’ headless chicken mien:

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