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Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program - ELIZABETH NICKSON

Resistance is Everything

Absurdistan is not black-pilled. And believes that whenever you run into one of them, tell them they need a good long rest. They’ve overwrought their own minds. The black-pilled are part of the problem. Despair is the one unforgivable sin for a reason. All is not lost. Evil will be defeated, a lot of it this time, more than at any other time.

A system of suppression kills the economy. It destroys initiative, it creates stasis. That’s why these people have run up $33 Trillion in debt. Their economic system does not work. You cannot censor your own people and have a successful economy.

I admit this wasn’t a great week for MAGA, other than the cartoon Marxist circus in an Atlanta court. Really Atlanta? You really have a DA that silly? We got the full picture of the National Security State with Mike Benz’s unmissable chat with Tucker and the idiots in New York demonstrated how ignorant they were of normal business practice. I say enough with the affirmative action hires. They have to know the law, and have experienced the real world, not the Disney corporatist fever dream of ‘equity’, meant to turn the world into a sewer.

The fact that I spent seven years in the same journo stable as the men who built the Obama censorship state makes me physically nauseous. Time Magazine in London was full bore national security state, and always was. The bureau chiefs filed to Langley every day and they spent nights on the town gathering information. And they freaking loved it. Words cannot express how much contempt I have for Rick Stengel and Walter Isaacson. These men were given the world, and used it to oppress their own citizens. They are scum.

This piece is a few months old, but there are another ten thousand of you here, and trust me, it is more relevant and purposeful today.

You probably haven’t heard of Rupert Sheldrake. He is a biologist, a former fellow and don at Cambridge, and a devout Anglican in the tradition of CS Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. But unlike them, he performs double blind experiments, one of them being on the morphic field..

Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home was the first of his books that caught my attention, since every dog I’ve had seems unnervingly to know everything that I think. My current, Pan, is always to be found sitting in the front hall to greet me, exuding crossness that she didn’t go with. Unless of course, she is canoodling with Jamie which is her second favorite thing to do, her first being keeping me on HER schedule.

Sheldrake posits that a good portion, if not all, of our minds (that of dogs too)  is located outside our bodies and is in communication with something he calls the field or morphic field.  This term was picked up by the New Age and consciousness community, but is being investigated as a legitimate study in places like Stanford by people like Carol Dweck. Since Stanford is also the location of the SRI, Stanford Research Institute, which secretly investigates PSI, mind control, the occult as tools for power, Dweck’s is probably a limited hangout, meant to answer the suspicion of three billion easy, if not six billion, that telepathy, etc is real.  Let’s put it this way, military intelligence knows that telepathy is real because they use it, train and experiment, and not just a little. The remote viewing program is very well documented.

caption...Feargus Greenwood’s image of the real fight

The morphic field is why we are going to win this thing and beat the Satanic Luciferian banksters who run the world.  We know.  Look at Gabon. They just imprisoned the family that has been looting their country for the past fifty years. People in every country know our leaders with almost no exception, are psychopaths stealing everything not nailed down. In every country in the world, people are recognizing we have the power, and the money that we don’t have, has been stolen by them. The games of globalists, the little feints and releases and projects they try are being met with universal dislike and there is so much dislike now that people feel comfortable voicing their displeasure.

Except for the stupid these two are universally loathed for their power grab in Maui. They are even wearing red because that is the fashionable color of the moment. PR wordsmithing is so obvious and no one is falling for it.

Oprah and the Rock went on socials to solicit money for Maui. One million views over the first 24 hours raised a whole $5,000. Tens of thousands of negative comments greeted them. Not one person showed the sought-for submission and forelock tugging. Mocking comments from every country in the world. This movement is as global as the WEF.


Catherine Austin Fitts, rather than voicing her usual Cassandra schtick, was caught on videotape saying that a magnificent prosperity is just around the corner, that the cabal of vicious bankers is running out of the energy needed to control us. She starts with my principal theme, which is that we should all be two or even three times as wealthy as we are now, and the future, once we get rid of the WEFers, is limitless.

One of the reasons for my profound optimism …words cannot express to you how expensive tyranny is. Our economy is so poor compared to what it could be, if we were free to just optimize economically. The wealth potential of freedom combined with new technology, if we get the risk management right, is just extraordinary. Centralizing this way is very very destructive of wealth. The idea of a society where you could let that growth happen is very exciting to me. As an investment banker,  I have a mathematical conception of what is possible. And that is one of my reasons for optimism. Tyranny is just fantastically expensive. As is secrecy. It’s very profitable for the billionaires.”

Fitts thinks these idiots – because evil is boneheaded stupid – are going to end by killing each other.

Extinction Rebellion performs a straight-up Satanic ritual

“The closer and closer these people get to success, the more they risk killing each other. You are creating a very psychopathic culture. It’s not the kind of culture that holds together through thick and thin. When Gideon threw the Minionites out of Israel, the Minionites were so hateful and suspicious, they ended by killing each other.”

Then defaulting to her usual despair:  “I’m not so convinced that we are going to win, but that the people trying centralized control are going to end up killing each other.”

Me, I’m not despairing.

Sheldrake did a series of experiments called the Hidden Figure experiments. In essence the Hidden Figure experiment demonstrated that the first time two million people saw the image it took them 40 minutes to find it. Repeated with different images in Britain and other countries a few months later, every time the experiment was performed, it took much less time for people to recognize the image. As if the skill had entered into the collective consciousness.

Let’s turn to Wikipedia for a concise explanation of Sheldrake’s reasoning:

Sheldrake's A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance (1981) proposes that through morphic resonance, various perceived phenomena, particularly biological ones, become more probable the more often they occur, and that biological growth and behaviour thus become guided into patterns laid down by previous similar events


While initially when people first saw the images, they found it hard to see what was there.  Like many optical illusions, sometimes you need someone to point it out to you.  Once they do you wonder why it took you so long!  As more and more people saw the image, people started to identify it much faster even though they hadn't seen it before.  Was this because they were tapping into some sort of collective knowledge?”

The more popular, crude term is the 100th monkey effect, often observed, that monkeys on different islands somehow ‘learn’ behaviour from others hundreds of miles away.

That is what is happening now. Everywhere normals are putting the boot to the power, and their financial system is starting to show significant cracks. Even the Bank of International Settlements worries out loud about massive withdrawals, vanishing deposits and collapsing loans. We don’t trust the system.

Also, one of the excavators of evil, Feargus O’Connor Greenwood, posits the seven virtues needed to understand and defeat the Luciferian cabal. All that is needed, he says, is passive resistance. Not violence, violence almost always ends in another set of psychopaths taking control.


VIRTUE 2: REALIZATION (understanding)

VIRTUE 3: REVULSION (disgust as motivation)

VIRTUE 4: REJECTION (non-compliance)

VIRTUE 5: RESTORATION (of your power)

VIRTUE 6: RE-IMAGINE (create the new)

VIRTUE 7: RETRIBUTION (the reckoning)

Legacy Media’s failing demoralization program

Legacy Media runs a demoralization program, but they have to report the news sometimes and the real news is that their narrative is crumbling. This is just from the past week. One week. I can aggregate another thousand to make up the month.

The crumbling of the financial system is first up.

China Banks to cut Rates on Mortgages, Deposits in Stimulus Push

Bank of International Settlements (BISS) says “capital outflows could have a significant effect on macro-economic outcomes.  Today, banks are seeing a virtual collapse of deposits, and capital outflows in record numbers. They are also seeing loan defaults.”

Get Unbanked. A quiet revolution has begun. People are moving money out of the banks

Most vulnerable US banks lost $1 Trillion in deposits in a year: JP Morgan

Sharp interest rate pull back in U.S. money markets

There have been 15 separate default events since 2020, across nine sovereigns, compared with 19 defaults across 13 countries between 2000 and 2019

US government debt downgraded from AAA to AA+

Delinquency rates rise 16% in mortgage holder defaults

Ten banks get a downgrade from Moody’s

San Francisco Fed Supervision Chief Leaving After Bank Failures

The Rothschild Economist says get ready for world currency. Basel III requires 85% as RSF for gold. Timing of Basel III delayed

BMO, Scotiabank miss profit estimates as bad loan provisions costs rise. Provisions for credit losses double.

Central Banks buying gold at the fastest pace in 55 years

Credit Suisse Posts US $4-billion loss in second quarter

India makes first crude oil payment to UAE in Indian rupees

Financial Giant Western Union Begins Experimenting With Ripple XRP


California mom Jessica Konen settles landmark victory against Spreckels Union School for $100,000, after she claims her daughter was ‘socially transitioned’

Wellington-Halton Hills MP to testify in front of US Congress on China’s interference

Canada’s gun buy-back program is in trouble – considered costly and pointless – delayed without explanation

UK Defense minister Ben Wallace resigns

CTV News pollster Nik Nanos says younger voters are moving away from the Liberals in favour of the Conservatives and the NDP

Fifteen people show up at the Liberal Cabinet annual end-of-summer barbeque

Biden Advisor stripped of top secret clearance after mishandling classified docs

The Military oust President Ali Bongo whose family has ruled and looted oil-rich Gabon since 1967. Cancelled faked elections, declared a coup d’etat. Country on streets celebrating. President under house arrest surrounded by his family, except for the imprisonment of one son whose looting was found to be egregious

The National Archives is found to be in possession of 5,400 pseudonymous emails from Joe Biden, fake names used during his vice-presidency. Four fake email names so far found

#TrudeauStepDown trending on X

99% of ‘Covid deaths’ not primarily caused by the virus, CDC Data Shows

US CDC says new COVID lineage could cause infections in vaccinated individuals

The only demographic supporting Trudeau in Canada is 60+ year old women sitting in a house that has 10Xed its cost

Parents must be fully involved in student’s decision to change pronouns, Ontario education minister says

Polling Canada shows Conservatives chance of winning at 98%

Young NDP voters are flocking to Conservatives as Jagmeet Singh and his MPs keep sucking up to Justin Trudeau

Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

Chaos for Sadiq Khan on the eve of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) expansion as signs for Low Emission Zone are ruled ILLEGAL after action by driver who appealed after he ran up fines of $15,000

ULEZ ILLEGAL Hated ULEZ expansion in chaos after landmark ruling that signage is UNLAWFUL – and you could get your money back

90% of ULEZ cameras removed by activists in the night

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming have all banned vaccine passports

Federal Judge in Maine gives green light: Maine Health Care Workers Vax Mandate Case Will Proceed Despite Governor’s Attempts to Stop It

Liberal Immigration Minister blasts his Liberal predecessor, Sean Fraser, for negligent mismanagement of the international student file

Conservative UK lawmaker,  formally quits with scathing attack on PM Rishi Sunak, “Putting his personal ambition above the stability of the country”.

Donald Trump-shaped Cloud Emerges in Orlando Shortly After Mugshot

Black voters flock to Trump after indictments

Epoch Times: Federal Judge has ordered a second evidentiary hearing for removal of the Fulton County case against former President Donald Trump and 18 others over violating Georgia’s Racketeer influence and Corrupt Organizations RICO Act in their challenge of the 2020 Election Results

Florida Obama judge refuses attempt to take Trump off the ballot in 2024

TEVA to pay $225 million fine and divest cholesterol drug to settle price-fixing charges

The Canadian government posts signs in every mall to say that if you were damaged by a vaccine taken post 2020, you may be entitled to compensation

Zillow to offer 1% down payment on its housing

The arch-liberal Toronto Star survey states that majority feel Justin Trudeau should step down before the next election

NIH documents indicate that officials skewed science to support mask narrative

Disney drops to lowest in over three years as investors turn bearish. Down 30% in 2023

One week. Their world is crumbling. Ours is yet to emerge but there are tens of thousands working on that right now. Next week, I’ll put some of their ideas together

I have been running Absurdistan for a year now and last month I actually made my expenses, thank you. 18% of you have expired credit cards on record. You can reset them here. So charges are failing. They aren’t being cancelled, well one was, and I am sorry to see you go. My goal this year is to make enough to do some proper shoe leather reporting, which is vanishingly rare, unless it is used for disinformation. As before, this piece, if you subscribe for a year, cost you 25 cents and I am thrilled by every subscription, paid and otherwise.

I am speaking at a Stop 2030 conference in Texas later this month. The people gathering there are absolute heroes facing down “more money than you can imagine”, as Ron Arnold, the first whistleblowers on the plutocrat control of the environmental movement warned me. The lands they are fighting for are rightfully yours, but targeted by the oligarchs I’ve been writing about this last month. They plan to ,clear the land of people, and literally rape it for resources, under U.N. laws which are …let’s say, fungible. Thirty percent is one billion acres, meaning that Special Enterprise Zones will be set up in your community or town, that pay people as little as possible while taking every resource, polluting water, land and sky. The pollution will be off loaded to you, and you will have no recourse because democratic rights will be cancelled under UN and WEF treaty. The treaties are already written and signed, waiting for the final reassignment of lands.

SEZs are geographically delimited areas within which governments promote industrial activity through fiscal and regulatory incentives and infrastructure support. They go by many different names, including free-trade zones and industrial parks, and are widely used by developed and developing economies.

That’s what these awful people envision for the future of people in western democracies. Prison camps with entertainment complexes.

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