Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Intrinsic Danger of the Truth - Vox Popoli

 Clown World wants its mindless subjects to believe that the people who keep correctly warning them about the lies and false histories of Clown World are an emerging threat vector:

In a world increasingly dominated by sensationalism and misinformation, conspiracy theories have found fertile ground to flourish. Dismissed by many as the ramblings of a paranoid few, these theories have long been relegated to the fringes of society. But the experts now warn that they are witnessing the emergence of a new threat vector: conspiracy theorists being proven right.

The exposure of government surveillance programs like PRISM, the revelations surrounding the secret experiments of MKUltra, and the acknowledgement of covert military operations like Operation Gladio, have all served as a sobering reminder that conspiracy theories are not always baseless. Darker still, we’ve even learned that the US government experimented with syphilis on Black folks and were the ultimate cause of the high rate of STDs among non-white populations.

More recently, the lab leak theory regarding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic has yet again sparked totally unnuanced “conspiracy theorists were right” discourse. While initially the lab leak theory was clamped down on for being a dangerous conspiracy theory, the hypothesis has — more or less by random chance — been the one to recently gain traction in expert opinions.

And while the true origins of the virus remain unclear, the fact that a modern conspiracy theory could potentially hold elements of truth has raised alarm bells among guardians of democracy like journalists and experts.

The specter of true conspiracy theories heralds profoundly dangerous implications for our ability to function as an open, inclusive, and equitable democratic society. As once-dismissed theories find validation, shadows of doubt are cast upon the credibility of the mainstream institutions and experts who set out to protect us to begin with.

The satanic nature of Clown World can always be identified by its invariable inversion of the truth. When Christians who hope to convince people to accept salvation from Hell are accused of doing so out of hate, when anti-vaxxers who try to convince people to avoid being injected with harmful substances are accused of doing so out of selfishness, and when those who speak the truth are accused of misleading people and spreading misinformation, it is very clear that wickedness is at work.

Furthermore if the truth casts doubt on the credibility of mainstream institutions and experts, then everyone is correct to reject those unreliable institutions and experts, and more importantly, ask questions concerning the nature of that unreliability.