Sunday, February 25, 2024

Super Bowl Churchianity By Chuck Baldwin

 In other words, America has NO leadership. NONE! ZILCH! And for those who are too busy or too ignorant to notice, this is positively and without controversy a judgment of Almighty God on our once-great nation. (Isaiah 3:1–4)

(What happened to God blessing America because America blesses Israel?)

America is fighting two wars: one in Europe, and the other in the Middle East. It is culpable in the genocidal deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people—most of them women and children. And the insatiable warmongers in DC seem drunk with desire to start wars with Iran and China. Of course, the U.S. continues to illegally occupy Syria and Iraq. Do you really think God doesn’t see the bloodlust of Israel and America?

Our government in Washington, D.C., shows ZERO compassion for human life, ZERO honesty, ZERO integrity and ZERO humanity. Capitol Hill is awash with some of the most base, immoral, egotistical, self-worshiping, money-hungry, power-mad people who ever drew a breath.

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