Friday, February 23, 2024

Brothel vs Burqah: 2024 - Vox Popoli

 It may be worth revisiting what I wrote back in 2006 concerning the choice facing the increasingly secular post-Christian civilization:

The human spirit, like nature, abhors a vacuum. It is looking increasingly likely that the spiritual vacuum of the 21st century will offer women a choice between the brothel and the burqah as their equalitarian dream shatters around them.

And then again in 2010 on this blog:

All of the airy secular notions about multicultural societies, sexual equality, universal suffrage, and premarital sex are finally running into the hard brick wall of historical reality. The various hypothetical coulds and shoulds are rapidly transforming into can’ts and don’ts. Now that Christian morality has been abandoned in favor of empty moral relevance, there isn’t any means of rationally arguing with the immigrant pimps who are cheefully turning out Albion’s sluttish daughters while guarding their own with all the primitive paternalism of a dragon guarding his treasure.

Now, set aside your instinctive emotional reactions for a moment and think about which of the two cultures a) truly values its daughters more, and b) is likely to demographically outperform the other. Is it the one that forcibly protects young women from their own behavior or the one that aborts them, deprives them of fathers, and generally abandons them to their momentary impulses? And is there any evidence that the positive aspects of the liberation of Western women, to use the rhetorical phrase, outweigh the negative aspects when viewed from a historical perspective?

As for one common argument to which those who admit the reality of the demographic problem often resort, the idea that the West’s scientific lead will somehow allow it to win any long-term intercultural struggle doesn’t hold water; intelligence agencies wouldn’t be assassinating Iranian scientists if sufficient military science didn’t translate across cultures and the same cultural forces that prevent Western fathers from controlling access to their daughters prevent Western universities from controlling access to their scientific technologies.

Needless to say, women voted en masse for The Brothel. The Brothel – which is to say the satanic values of Clown World – has clearly triumphed over the last two decades, as can be seen by the present human hellscape that extends from one end of the dying civilization of the former West to the other. Even those of us who were openly predicting collapse had no idea that things could get this bad this quickly and comprehensively.

But Clown World’s victory is a pyrrhic and probably short-lived one, because its dyscivicism has rapidly progressed from open immorality to outright insanity before our very eyes. What cannot sustain itself will not maintain itself. The Brothel is intrinsically parasitical, and no parasite can survive on its own once its host departs.