Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A World Shaken-Up by Trump - By Andrew Korybko and Sergey Strokan

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to power was totally unexpected and shocking to many experts, yet it revealed that there is a skyrocketing demand all across the world for new faces and new approaches to global politics.
The firebrand billionaire and President-elect is renowned for his politically incorrect frankness and unconventional behavior, but Americans aren’t the only people who are attracted to this type of leadership. The Philippines, for example, voted to elect Rodrigo Duterte earlier this year, an outspoken politician who has many stylistic similarities to Trump, and France is gearing up for a fierce presidential election in which Marine Le Pen might conceivably emerge as the winner.
Austria only narrowly voted against its own version of Donald Trump earlier this month, but Hungary and Poland already have theirs with Orban and Warsaw’s “Gray Cardinal” Kaczynski. Everywhere that one looks, it seems like right-wing conservative politicians are on the rise, especially those whom “experts” thought had a long shot at winning such as Duterte and Trump.
Since the American President-elect is the most striking symbol of this trend, it’s only right that it’s referred to as the “Trump Effect” and that the world wonders where it will lead over the next four to eight years.

Igor Pellicciari, professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow and LUISS University in Rome (studio guest) and Jan Van Benthem, foreign commentator at the Nederlands Dagblad (The Netherlands Daily) commented on the issue.