Friday, December 23, 2016

Canadian Law Erasing Moms And Dads From State Documents Reduces Children To Chattel - By Stella Morabito

This so-called ‘All Families are Equal Act’ is really about destroying all families. This is a first huge step toward regulating all other personal relationships.

Nobody has a mother or a father, according to a certain Bill 28 recently passed in the legislature of Ontario, Canada. Got that? The law’s official title is: “An Act to amend the Children’s Law Reform Act, the Vital Statistics Act and various other Acts respecting parentage and related registrations.”
Basically, the law scrubs the words “mother” and “father” from documents, and replaces them with the neutered term “parent.” The law also raises the number of legal parents to as many as four per child. In other words, the government of Ontario will cease to legally recognize the natural origins of any of its citizens.
If you live in Ontario, you now have no right for the state to recognize you as either a mother or a father to your child, biological or otherwise. Likewise, no child there has the right to a legally recognized biological mother or father. Recognizing the relationship is now the sole prerogative of the state.
As with all bad legislation that cannot survive any real scrutiny, proponents of Bill 28 pushed it through fast and furiously and with a good deal of subterfuge and manipulation. Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown is reported to have pressured members to either vote for the bill or stay away from the session. Many who would have been inclined to vote against it were not present at the vote.
All 79 members who were present voted for it unanimously. Machinelike unanimity for something so wildly weird speaks volumes about the utter saturation of political correctness in Canadian society today. Of course Bill 28 was all packaged up in a sanctimonious fig leaf that goes by the Orwellian name: “All Families are Equal Act.” Yet “All Children Are Chattel Act” is a more accurate name for this law.
The State Owns the Children and Dispenses as It Pleases
Such laws are the handiwork of hardcore social engineers. Anyone else should know instinctively that something is truly amiss with a law that prohibits legal recognition of mothers and fathers. Some people who should know better might try to reassure with a wave of the hand and quip: “Aw, those zany Canadians! What’ll they come up with next?” A favorite narrative is that the sky is not falling.
Here’s the problem with that casual take: Reality has a habit of rearing its head in most unpleasant ways when the gig is up. This act by the Ontario legislature is just such a gig. It is built upon a dangerous illusion, and comes with an expiration date, at which point its social botulism blooms profusely in the gut of the body politic. It will spawn itself in a legislature near you if you don’t try to stop it.
The damage is already here, particularly because this law commodifies children in the starkest way yet. Casual acceptance of abortion was one giant leap towards the children-as-chattel road we are now on. Abortion puts children on notice that society does not recognize their right to exist unless and until given permission to exist. If you don’t think this has bad psychic consequences for children, you’re not paying attention.
Laws such as Bill 28 put children and their biological parents on notice that they have no legal right to exist in a family without special permission from the state. This law lays the groundwork for legally separating all children from their biological mothers and fathers. Like it or not, the reality of a biological mother and father is essential to satisfying the answer to every child’s first transcendental question: “Where did I come from?”
If we forbid the very words “mother” and “father” at school, at work, in daily life, we must plead guilty to hacking the child’s mind and soul. This law essentially tells children to shut up about any question about their origins. It abusively gags them and prods them to bottle up their natural curiosity about who they are and where they came from.
Instead, with up to four generic “parents” recognized by a bureaucratic state, the child is legally a product designed and manufactured by contractual agreement. No more than that. The biological mother and father are legally non-existent, and are well on the way to being erased as parents recognized by default. By erasing mothers and fathers from law, Ontario has essentially defined parents as interchangeable parts to be torn asunder from the child at the will of the state. So, obviously, this so-called “All Families are Equal Act” is really about destroying all families.
Let’s Move to the Big-Picture Fallout
But there’s even more to this on a much larger scale. As with all such social engineering laws, once you get beyond their superficial claims—“equality,” “social justice,” and so forth—you can better see what the heck is going on. I can’t possibly name all of the effects of this law. But a quick gander down this rabbit hole reveals four very radioactive effects. The big picture fallout is as follows.
This is mind rape. Consider this: It is not really the promise of equality that lures most into accepting such a law. Rather, the expectation of being perceived by others as a friend and ally of equality serves as the bait. We’ve been socially conditioned to believe that complying with the equality narrative will keep us socially unmolested.
Ontarians must pay for this illusion of safety by submitting to a law that violates their own human identity; i.e., by being forced in law to reject the fact that each human being exists through the union of two human beings, one male and one female. That is exactly what a law forbidding the terms “mother” and “father” does. That amounts to mind rape as much as any anti-reality law that forces you into a 2+2=5 mindset is mind rape.
I think such edicts are concocted by two kinds of people: first, those who really do believe the propaganda and insist on foisting their delusions upon everybody else; and second, those who use this sort of propaganda as the ticket to control over others. Perhaps the former are the majority, but the venal latter are the biggest pushers. By sowing confusion and delusion, and shamelessly manipulating people’s sense of goodwill and fear of social rejection, activists are messing with minds in much the same manner as a cult leader or gaslighting wife beater would.
It’s based on manipulative propaganda. For all practical purposes, we can define propaganda as the attempt to promote an alternative reality, which empowers the propagandists. What we have here—in this legislation that attempts to erase the reality of human existence, identity, and relationships—is pure propaganda. This kind of rubbish has been cultivated especially over the last 50 years or so through academia, the media, and Hollywood. It’s been a long haul of programming, much like cult recruits are programmed in a Pavlovian manner, through conditioning emotional reflexes that reject independent thinking.
Arguments based on logic and reason are meaningless to the politically conditioned—people whose fear of being tainted by political incorrectness is stronger than any thirst for truth. Of course, facts are meaningless to the ignorant. With years of political correctness massaged into society, our culture is well-primed for psychological manipulation. Ontario’s Bill 28 is nothing but the product of such conditioning.
Separating us from one another is the ultimate effect. Laws such as Bill 28 are all about separating people from one another. Every human being, no matter his or her sex or sexuality or “gender,” has his or her origins in the union of male and female. This means that there is a relational core, the mother-child-father bond, to our very existence. These strong families have always been the seeds of strong communities. By refusing to recognize this bond in law, Ontario is well on the path to abolishing the right of biological parents to raise their own children, and replacing that default right with state licensing of parents.
This is a first huge step toward regulating all other personal relationships. Compliance with the politically correct line through denying the mother-child-father bond, is routinely required in such scenarios. So separation or the threat of separation from family looms. Ultimately, that’s a road that takes us into isolation and puts us at the mercy of the state. How different is this from an effect of slavery, in which the greatest pain is separation from family members?
The talk of “equality” is a non-starter when children are treated as chattel. Bill 28 serves to replace the template for our existence—the reality of the male-female union—with a newly concocted template for existence that allows for artificial reproductive technologies (ART) to buy and sell human beings. The desire to procure children through ART may seem loving, but the practice itself is a road paved with de-humanization. What does “equality” mean, anyway, in the context of buying and selling children?
In the “All Families are Equal Act,” the term “equal” is meaningless. It’s a self-refuting absurdity because it does away with the template for the family, the template for human existence. With the template legally gone, the family no longer can legally exist.
So “equality” here really means nothingness. It means no relationships autonomous from the state. It means “family” as a hash of state-licensed interchangeable parts. It means a monoculture. So much for “diversity.”