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Rape by Refugee: a Dark War Invasion | Dark Triad Man - (Full text)

Islamic refugees marching West are rape soldiers of jihad.

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The skyrocketing instances of violent rape of Western women is a systematic, inherent method of Islamic war. This is brutally and unmistakably clear to all three parties involved in this fatally serious assault upon Western civilization.
It is clear to the invaders who deliver this infliction of sexual atrocity with deliberate and designed methodology. From the rape cages of Raqqa in the heart of the Islamic State to the formal pronouncements of Islamic leaders, it is clear that this is a design of intent.
It is foolish and stupid to pretend otherwise.

Insistence on illusion is obtuse in daily life. During time of existential war and in the face of declared mortal enemies it is both suicidal and castratingly idiotic.
It is clear to the leaders of the West who deny and spin and refuse to acknowledge the rising tide of civilization’s clash. They demand that social media outlets engage in active censorship of news and discussion of this horrific and cruel strategy. They ridiculously deny the reality that is both declared and evident.
It is unforgivable and strips them of all moral and practical authority to lead.
Their public proclamations of tolerance are bitterly degrading and empty.
It is unmistakably clear to the people of the West.
The people of the West have seen the horrific and murderous insanity of cruel invaders armed with battle rifles and explosives, butchering their way through theaters and schools and leaving behind a grotesque tapestry of blood and screaming cries to Allah.
The people of the West have seen their buildings driven into the ground in a rain of bodies and fire, the heart of our cities torn out and destroyed with foul and hideously indiscriminate murder by their mortal and terrible enemies.
The people of the West have seen the forbidding and malevolent evil of the soldiers of Islam beheading multitudes of martyrs on the beach, and aiming bloody knives at the heart of Rome while declaring that blood will run in the streets of the holy city.
The people of the West have seen children detonated with bombs and excruciatingly rutted to death by the befouled, savage followers of Mohammed. And today those legions of rapacious ideological sadists rampage unopposed through the streets of the ancient cities of the Rhine.
If you do not believe war is here today, you are blind.
If you refuse to accept that this war is existential for the West, you will die.
Your culture will be destroyed and your tolerance will be an emasculating, embracing clasp of the remorseless and deliberate rapist.
There is no coexistence with the murderer.
There is no negotiation with the savage invader.
There is no appeasement of the insane butcher.
There is no reformation in Islam.
Leadership of the West has lost authority.

To see rape and murder of your people but deny it is complicity.
For almost fifteen years the people of the West have heard the insulting, bankrupt and entirely false narrative that “Islam is a religion of peace” preached to them from the parliaments and high offices of their leadership.
The people of the West have been told that they and their culture are not at war with Islam even as bombs, guns, blood, murder and terror are proven as the intrinsic dialogue of Muslims and the braying, insensible hatred of sheiks spews within the very hearts of their cities.
Western officials deny it with absurd and mocking conduct. They castigate your real and vital apprehension at the grimly determined march of disgusting Islamic savagery, accusing you of “phobia” or “hate”.
It is unforgivable.
It is an abusive, twisted denial of the leadership that the bloodied people of the West so agonizingly and desperately require.
The leadership of the West has abandoned your welfare.
Their moral standing to rule you has been trampled into ashes.
Their crazy declarations of allegiance to suicidal ideals of multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance display a shocking and infantile abandonment of the dark reality that moves relentlessly towards you.
Tolerance of the invader who rapes and kills and explosively tears apart the flesh of your women and children while desecrating the ideals of your culture is suicidal, mortifying cuckoldry.
Diversity is not served when a purpose of new life and furtherance of the principles of human achievements in science, commerce and literature is not the goal of the newcomer, but rather the elimination of your culture, the debasement of science and reintroduction of slavery to commerce.
Multicultural ideals are an exploited doorway to murder by invaders who accept only one culture, only one thought and only one method of social dialogue: Islam, submission or death.
Enabling it is the sickening practice of eunuchs.
Ignoring it is the ignoble action of the doomed.
Proclaiming your agony and sorrowful fury as “hate” is bankrupt.
It denies the dark world. It shouts absurd and instantly transparent lies. It assaults and cheapens the spirit with a gross and tawdry yet calculatingly corrupt manipulation, for it is designed to keep you in place while you are murdered.
The leadership of the West will not save you.
The leadership of the West is afraid.
The leadership of the West believes they can forcibly prostrate you on the edge of their immobilized terror, and that your wives and daughters and sons will be sufficient sacrifice on the stinking, dripping altar of appeasement.
That altar is ringed with the grinning skulls of a quarter billion victims of Islam.
You are next.

Political, military, judicial, economic and cultural ideology of death.
There are many ideologies that have sprung forth from the dark world, curled into the hearts and minds of men and which resulted in apocalyptic, senseless killing on a cruel scale almost beyond imagination.
It is a story as old as man himself.
These ideologies find their end in one of two ways.
There is the rejection of it by the greater portion of human beings, and the ideology – although crazed, stupid, destructive, provocative and mindlessly intoxicating in its foolishness – is allowed to die out on its own.
Its failures and horrors and waste and destruction are cheaper than global and total war.
Communism is an example.
The Black Book of Communism is testament to the hundred million dead that resulted from repeated attempts to instill and then enforce it as a political, military, judicial, economic and cultural path for humanity.
It took the combined and sublime, passionate leadership of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II to finally break the iron shackles of Marx and forever rend the Iron Curtain of Communism from the nations of the world.
But some ideologies cannot be permitted to die out on their own.
They are too vicious, too determined, and too deadly.
They must be opposed with the full might of civilization.
They must be exterminated from the face of the earth.
Nazi Germany is an example.
Nazism was based in part on the Führerprinzip which meant, inexorably, that the entire apparatus of the State was inculcated with unquestioning, slavish obedience to the perceived will of the leader. There was no questioning, there could be no interpretation, and this ultimately led to the genocidal horrors of the Second World War.
Nazism was a political ideology with distinct, ferocious features. It was a military system of brutal, conscienceless murder. It was a judicial system of predetermined outcome, with no recourse or sanity to intervene in the dark will of the political master. It was an economic system depending upon slave labor and cruel exploitation of human beings. It was a cultural practice of racial exaltation that accepted no reformation.
Nazism was intolerable to humanity.
It was ended by total war and ruthless, brutal and determinative force.
The bombers of the Royal Air Force did not drop platitudes of coexistence, and Churchill did not mince words in his broadcasts of bulldog tenacity to his people when they suffered the raging infernos of the Blitz.
The tanks and troops of the U.S. Army did not fire blossoms of tolerance, and Patton did not abandon reality when heralding his troops with inspiring words to flag their spirits for mortal and bloody combat.
The artillery and legions of the Soviet nation did not salvage the fate of Stalingrad and pound Berlin into submission by launching rockets of vapid, silly diversity lectures into the heart of the Nazi stronghold.
Islam is no different.
It must be recognized as a terminal and unacceptable evil.
Islam is a governing method of torrential cruelty. It is a befouled political ideology. There is no separation of church and state. The only legal authority is Islam itself, and there are no alternate or companion secular jurisdictions within the true heart of the Muslim world. And apostasy or blasphemy both carry the sentence of brutal murder.
There is no gentling of this barbarity.
Islam is a military method, above all, spreading death by fire and sword in a goal for total domination of the globe under the vicious sadism of the Amīr al-Mu’minīn, the Commander of the Faithful, in its very essence a military role. It is commanded in their Koran as an explicit directive:

“Slay them wherever you may catch them and expel them from the place from which they expelled you. The sin of disbelief in God is greater than committing murder. Do not fight them in the vicinity of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca unless they start to fight. Then slay them for it is the recompense that the disbelievers deserve.” (Muhammad Sarwar translation)

There is no calming of this brutality.
Islam is a judicial system, with shari’a the single authoritative body of knowledge demanded by Muslims the world over, with no respect or even recognition of the fundamental laws, principles and beliefs of Western civilization. Rape is permitted and encouraged. Dismemberment is mandated for minor crimes. Beheading of dissidents is demanded.
There is no evolution of this tyranny.
Islam is an economic system, with separate and specific financial laws and acceptance of abominable practices. The vast and terrible slave trade of the 17th and 18th century world began with the Muslims who invaded, captured, and sold off human beings as chattels to the traders of the era. Today it continues in the lands of Islam, and proclamations of it to believers ensues with pride.
There is no accepting of this perversity.
Islam is a cultural system of foul and degrading horror. Women raped must have multiple male witnesses, or suffer the fate of ridicule or even death by being half buried in the ground and their heads and faces exploded with murderously thrown rocks. Children are treated with savage sexual cruelty, sold from cages in the open market of the Islamic State. Little girls have their vaginal lips torn off and sewn shut, their clitorises amputated in an absolutely appalling and grotesque practice.
There is no tolerating this mutilating horror.
And you know it with unmistakable, utter clarity.
You saw it in New York. You saw it in San Bernardino. You saw it in Fort Hood, Texas and in the awful carnage of Beslan. And you saw it in Paris, where both cartoons and simple life as Westerners was cause for the most foul and execrable infliction of death.

Blind appeasement by the West empowers blatant murder.

With each globally publicized atrocity from the soldiers of jihad the empty reassurance and infuriatingly stupid commentary of leaders in the West becomes more humiliating, unbelievable and defeated. It is not war with Islam, it is your “Islamophobia”.
It is not acknowledged that it is Muslims burning hundreds and hundreds of cars in Paris and enforcing shari’a zones where police cannot go, it is “disaffected youth”.
It is not a jihadist waging a war of gunfire against disarmed troops in Texas, it is an incidence of “workplace violence” according to a sullen, incompetent and spoiled fool who has no vision, no authenticity and no desire to lead the West.
Murdered Americans in California are the result of his idiotic refusal to face reality.
Butchered innocents in Paris are the outcome of patronizing narrative from your leaders.
Raped women in the heart of Cologne are the fruit of their rancid cultural treason.
Blood and bombs in the heart of London are the detritus of their calloused stupidity.
Unstoppable blossoms of nuclear fire glowing in the cities of the West are next.
It is with brutal honesty that you must face the unwillingness, incapacity and disinterest of your leaders to face the existential threat of Islam and stand hard and strong in defense of the West against the surging might of the restored Caliphate and its howling legions of death.
It is with unflinching vision that you must see the truth that you are being invaded and killed by an overwhelming tide of military age men who are neither refugees nor desperate nor fleeing the collapse of their native land.
Those men are determined invaders with conscious purpose of war.
They bring the political demand of Islam for total and unchallenged rule.
They are the military vanguard of Islam in the rape and conquest of the West.
They mock your judiciary and will never obey it but follow the rule of shari’a.
They despise your systems and values and traditions and culture and there is no mistaking their purpose. They will tear down the Louvre, kick Buckingham Palace to rubble, detonate explosives under the Brandenburg Gate and hang children naked from the tiers of the Eiffel Tower.
And curse you with evil laughter at your lack of manhood and willingness to defend yourselves. For the West has lost its way in the morass of pulchritudinous, ridiculous blather where words are counted murder and thoughts are counted hate; where rape is excused as cultural diversity and true, immolating hatred is celebrated through an infantile and suicidal lens of naivety.
“Coexist”, they say, and ponder deep theories of “combatting extremism”.
It is a useless effort in impotent thrusting against nonsense.
War is here, in the dark world, today.
You have only the choice in how you react.

Survival of Western civilization depends on your choice today.

The dark world does not care if you wish things were different. The dark world does not listen when you plead for it not to be. The dark world does not slow, it does not stop, it does not know forbearance in response to the agonized and sorrowful cries of the innocent.
Neither does Islam.
Your government officeholders will not harden and become leaders.
You cannot make iron out of lavender and silken pasties that cover the tits of a gobbling sow.
For your leaders do nothing but feed upon you, and they have long abandoned you.
The fate of beheading and dismemberment is for you, not for them. They consider you expendable, trivial, contemptible, common and in their arrogant disdain for your welfare they invite death and rape into your midst.
If you wish your own survival in the dark world, you must fight for it.
You are responsible for your own life.
If you wish the survival of your family in the rot of your culture, you must prepare it.
You are responsible for your own family.
If you wish the survival of your nation in the collapse of the West, you must stand for it.
You are responsible for your own nation.
If you wish the survival of the West itself, you must advance in legions for it.
You are responsible for civilization itself.
Form your legions. Reach out to your fellow men. Meet together to discuss the fate of the West. Bring word to each other and raise the banner of demanded national survival. Spare no effort to identify and connect with comrades in the coming clash.
Speak with bravery and passion and power. Do not go silent as a sheep to halal slaughter and abandon your sons to the biting knife and your daughters to the cock of the cruel and the conquering.
You are men of the West. Yours is the heritage of a thousand years of chivalry, of honor, of the defense of the innocent and the triumph of nobility and culture over the depredations of the evil. The protection of women, the shelter of children, the reverence for truth and industry and achievement of the mind and growth of culture.
Your spears have gathered dust, but they await only your hand to raise them.
Your voice is not cut from your throat, only stilled from uncertainty of alliance.
Your heart is not knocked out and fallen, but beating full with growing rage.
Speak to your brothers. Demand they face truth. Discard fear of censure or disapproval at your word. Declare reality as you see it. Rip imaginary clothes from naked emperors and grind their illusory proclamations into the ground beneath you. Be a man of the West and stand hard and proud in defense of your civilization against the invader, the murderer, the degrading monster of appeasement and horror that is being pushed into your land, your women and brings your inevitable death.
Speak with grim and certain knowledge that to be separated from each other in this terrible time is to be scattered, defeated and destroyed. Identify your comrades. Bring the message of resistance and determination across your nation.
Or die screaming as you watch your children dragged away as slaves and your grandchildren spring forth from the seed of the invader.
For that is the way of the dark world.

Do not be afraid to stand, to speak and to connect.

Each day that dawns is an opportunity to spread this word. Each conversation brings moments where truth can be put directly down and acknowledged by men of reason and purpose. Each moment of human connection carries the birth of resistance to the dark trajectory you face.
You will find you are not alone.
You will find that you speak the voice of many.
You will find that your courage inspires others, and leads the way to greater and more resonant clarity of purpose among men who have everything to lose by ignoring the fate that is being thrust upon them.
Do not surrender, nor hesitate to raise your head and voice.

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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.
I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world and I extend my hand to yours.
It is with brutal honesty that I tell you that your very civilization is under attack, and the history of Islam shows no mercy to the subjugated. You will either win, or you and your culture will be put to foul and bitter execution.
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Find your brothers, and fight for the life of the West.
And its thrones may yet endure.
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