Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vox Popoli: The First Act of WWIII - Comments by Vox Day

The First Act of WWIII
The great invasion of the 21st century is the first act of World War III, aided and abetted by the so-called leaders of the West. A powerful condemnation by the Dark Triad Man.

The skyrocketing instances of violent rape of Western women is a systematic, inherent method of Islamic war. This is brutally and unmistakably clear to all three parties involved in this fatally serious assault upon Western civilization.

It is clear to the invaders who deliver this infliction of sexual atrocity with deliberate and designed methodology. From the rape cages of Raqqa in the heart of the Islamic State to the formal pronouncements of Islamic leaders, it is clear that this is a design of intent.

It is foolish and stupid to pretend otherwise.

Insistence on illusion is obtuse in daily life. During time of existential war and in the face of declared mortal enemies it is both suicidal and castratingly idiotic.

It is clear to the leaders of the West who deny and spin and refuse to acknowledge the rising tide of civilization’s clash. They demand that social media outlets engage in active censorship of news and discussion of this horrific and cruel strategy. They ridiculously deny the reality that is both declared and evident.

It is unforgivable and strips them of all moral and practical authority to lead.

Their public proclamations of tolerance are bitterly degrading and empty.

It is unmistakably clear to the people of the West.

The people of the West have seen the horrific and murderous insanity of cruel invaders armed with battle rifles and explosives, butchering their way through theaters and schools and leaving behind a grotesque tapestry of blood and screaming cries to Allah.

The people of the West have seen their buildings driven into the ground in a rain of bodies and fire, the heart of our cities torn out and destroyed with foul and hideously indiscriminate murder by their mortal and terrible enemies.

The people of the West have seen the forbidding and malevolent evil of the soldiers of Islam beheading multitudes of martyrs on the beach, and aiming bloody knives at the heart of Rome while declaring that blood will run in the streets of the holy city.

The people of the West have seen children detonated with bombs and excruciatingly rutted to death by the befouled, savage followers of Mohammed. And today those legions of rapacious ideological sadists rampage unopposed through the streets of the ancient cities of the Rhine.

If you do not believe war is here today, you are blind.

If you refuse to accept that this war is existential for the West, you will die.

What are you doing to turn the tide? What are you doing to win this war? And if you're not willing to fight for the survival of the West, for the survival of your nation, who will?

Do you think you will be safe because you don't live in New York City, in San Bernadino, in St. Cloud, in Nice, or in Berlin?

You won't be.