Wednesday, December 28, 2016

America the Violent - By Jack Perry

So, it appears several “kids” decided to spread some after-Christmas cheer with brawls at the mall. See here. Hmmm…it would appear the great America that Obama created for us hasn’t trickled down to youth, what? This must be Trump’s fault, like everything else that has happened since he was elected! “Gosh, the onions in the fridge went bad! Let’s see…we bought them back on November 3rd. See! I knew it! It’s Trump’s fault!”

Generally, things such as this are what’s known as a “sentinel signal” that there are fundamental and profound problems in your society as a whole. Things that need immediate attention. Not sweeping under the rug, or more “counseling”, or self-esteem seminars. Not more “understanding” but the bold “NO!” that is so missing in our society. I’m not saying lock teens up until they’re 18. But, at the same time, kids should not be running a society or entering into the discussion of the running of it at all. Sorry. That’s what the age difference is about. However—however—our society and government must undergo a serious revision in how it behaves and demonstrates behavior to those kids.

What causes this? I’ve said this before, but here’s the deal: Our society glorifies violence. Even the great “role model” President Obama has demonstrated that if someone doesn’t do what you say (like Bashar al-Assad, for example), the correct response is to use violence. That is what Obama did, arming gang members we call “terrorists” to whack Assad’s guys and, hopefully, Assad himself in the process. Now, America, you tell your kids President Obama is the man to look up to. How then are you shocked at this violence?

You have a government that is willing to kill anyone in any other country that stands in its way. And so it does, using its air force in the international equivalent of drive-by shootings over turf. Let some other country dare to pursue its own destiny and the United States government will resort to violence immediately. But only if it thinks it can get away with it. If it can’t, it’ll hire other people to do it and then deny it armed and paid those people. Right, America, and so you can’t figure out where the kids are picking up this behavior?

You have movies, computer games, music, and television that glorify extreme and overwhelming violence. According to the TV, if some guy accidently bumps into your car, the correct response is to slide open a door to reveal a 7.62mm Minigun and shred the car—and the guy—as everyone watching this laughs and cheers. And so you’re shocked, America, that the chicks you raised on the incubator of this violence have turned into chickens that come home to roost?

You, parents, head to those malls for Christmas shopping and get into brawls of your own, do you not? That’s also on the news. All the fights and brawls to obtain the right electronic toys and doo-dads for the budding little gang members at home that you refuse to acknowledge are beyond your control. “It’s just a phase he’s going through…” What, the baggy pants or the 9mm pistol jammed in them? How about those poor store employees just doing their jobs that you threaten, assault, or trample to death at those malls? Now you’re shocked that your kids emulate you? Do tell.

Parents, how many times do you flip out and speed down to the school and attack the school administrators when your kid is being disciplined for assaulting other kids? Care to answer that question? Schools now are pretty much unable to discipline kids for fear of allegations of racism, genderism, and every other “ism” or “phobia” that rolls down the pike and installs itself as a false prophet of morality. You teach your kids there are no consequences for their actions. Right up until the point they’re sitting in a jail cell or on ice down at the morgue and you sit there whining and bawling and wondering how this happened.

Parents, how’s this great child-rearing philosophy working out for you? You know, the one where it’s “my child, right or wrong” and nobody better dare say anything as the brat wails like an air raid siren in the restaurant because he isn’t getting his way. You also act like your five-year-old is an adult, which he or she certainly is not. Let me tell you what the “secret recipe” is: You take a kid who has never been disciplined and whose parents defend the kid no matter what trouble he gets into or who he hurts. You raise that kid on a diet of violence and then add one AK-47 you didn’t know about. Let him bake on synthetic hallucinogenic drugs for 365 days a year and then it’s done. One kid who’s killed another, or gotten killed himself. And you don’t know how this happens. Oh, come now!

Submitted for your approval: A certain grade school in a certain liberal city. A kid goes and attacks other kids in the class, hits the teacher, and destroys school property. The school can’t figure out what to do but to remove the kid from the classroom. However, the parents enlist a lawyer and a psychologist to attest to this kid having some “challenge” and now the kid cannot be removed because that would violate his “rights”. Now, you ask about the rights of the other kids in the class? No, in this society, the rights of the most loudly disruptive and socially destructive are what’s protected and everyone else has to be “tolerant” of that. Because those individuals will invent some type of protected victim status or a group of letters from the alphabet to force everyone to bend to their will. And this is what gets taught to them in school.

Again, the society as a whole teaches this violence. Not just violence, but the glorification of criminals. There’s an entire music genre named after criminals, am I correct? There are cable television shows that glorify serial killers, methamphetamine manufacturers, and organized crime families, am I correct? There are cable television shows that glorify “covert” U.S. government “operators” that, in between killing about ten thousand Somalis, find time to copulate like rabbits, am I correct? Or what about the show where a U.S. Navy destroyer used a 25mm Chain Gun to disembowel a “bad guy” and everyone cheered? I suppose these shows teach the qualities of truth, human dignity, compassion, love, and mercy to children, yes?

I’m not done. You sell these computer games to kids that give them hands-on experience in what was once known as “combat simulation training”. See, back in the day, these types of things were invented to try and teach soldiers how to fight a war while saving money on actual ammunition and artillery simulator grenades. You buy this for your kids and for hours a day, they kill people electronically and you think young, developing minds will know the moral difference between the two? Society is all but encouraging killing other human beings because look, this game wouldn’t exist if this were not so.

American society is corrupt to the core and, amazingly, can’t understand why Middle Eastern nations are so adamant about keeping it out of their own societies. Well, they can see on our television programs that if they let that crap in, within two generations, they’ll lose their entire culture and societal cohesiveness. I’m not saying they’re perfect. But there are reasons beyond “they hate freedom” that they go to such great lengths to protect themselves from our influence. 

For one thing, it is easily seen that American “culture” leads immediately to the destruction of the family as a whole. In fact, American “culture” ridicules and despises traditional family and seeks to undermine and destroy it every chance it gets.

It’s time people stopped sitting there and acting like this is just some blip on the radar that’ll go away if enough money, government, psychologists, pharmaceutical drugs, tolerance, diversity, and social programs were thrown at it. Excuse me, but you’ve been doing that for the last, what, 30 years or so? Oh, and by the way, if President Obama was such a great and inspiring role model, how come these kids haven’t all asked not what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country? I suppose a growing breakdown in the society isn’t something Obama will tie into his much-vaunted legacy. I guess throwing rocks and bottles at the cops will become a high school elective course.

So, no, America. You need to own up to this problem yourselves. You want to know one big reason Trump got elected? They want someone in there who might be able to get a handle on this nonsense. Or at least stop buying into it and acting like it has some type of legitimacy or social value. “Oh, they’re mad about police violence…” So that’s why they attacked and burned businesses that had nothing to do with it? Come on, we’re tired of hearing it. No society will last for long once the family has eroded as Americans families have. So, suck it up, America. Babylon the Great has fallen. That’s not Trump’s fault. That’s YOUR fault. It was already broken like this when he got here.