Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ending Multicultural Madness - By Peter Skurkiss

The United States is importing people with a religious and cultural propensity to commit horrific acts of hatred and revenge against Western Civilization. This is madness rooted in politics.
On November 28, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born Muslim inspired by ISIS, went on a rampage at Ohio State University. He injured 11 when he rammed his car into a group of students with murderous intent and then immediately went on a knife attack before campus security shot him dead.
No soon had this fanatic's body reached room temperature then Stephanie Clemons Thompson, employed as something called an “assistant director of resident life a Ohio State,” started calling for sympathy and compassion for Artan and lamented that he was taken out so quickly. In her Facebook posing, Thompson refers to Artan as a "BUCKEYE, a member of our family." 
True, Artan was no doubt properly enrolled at OSU, just as he was legally in the U.S., brought here as a refugee sponsored by Catholic Charities. But although the i's may have been dotted, the t's crossed, and all the technicalities satisfied, this man was never a Buckeye or an American in any true sense. He was an alien in our society, brought here perhaps with good intentions but with no critical thinking involved. 
This incident at OSU is an example of the Obama administration's reckless refugee resettlement policy. One has to wonder how many others like Abdul Razak Ali Artan are here existing like potential time bombs, ready to explode if America does not show what they consider to be proper deference to them and their religion.
There can be no question that the current refugee resettlement program is extremely risky. To understand why many people in power support and defend it is to understand how far the madness of multiculturalism and diversity has affected policy.
Multiculturalism is the belief that all cultures are the same and should be placed on equal footing. It is a tolerance for all values. At its beginning, even the strongest proponents of multiculturalism never believed that multiculturalism was valid. They pushed this philosophy so as not to appear to be overly condescending to those from, shall we say, developing cultures. Think of it as a type of noblesse oblige, if you will. But as is so often the case of those pushing a false narrative, the multiculturalists came to believe their own propaganda over time.
Now in elite circles, it's goodbye Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the Constitution and hello to diversity. And don't think multiculturalism isn't buried within the motive of Hampshire College in Amherst, MA to lower the U.S. flag on campus after the election, restoring it after protests.

In the recent campaign, Hillary Clinton, a person who came frighteningly close to being elected president, said she thought that America's commitment to diversity is a reaffirmation as to who we are as Americans. It is as if the American character is now to be defined by its unlimited openness to diversity and to other cultures.
Judging from the actions of Democrat politicians, immigrants who come here from Third World cultures and with Third World mindsets are not expected to blend in. Heaven forbid, as that would be an affront to their "dignity" and go against the grain of multiculturalism. As a result, separate enclaves are popping up across the country, even in the heartland. The Democratic Party celebrates Balkanization as this enlarges their constituency base, never caring how it weakens overall American culture and strength.
In a commencement address, Secretary of State John Kerry echoed this theme. He lectured Americans that we must be prepared to live in a borderless world, a world that he and his fellow globalists are busily trying to construct.   And here, Kerry did not mean borderless in terms of only goods and services and capital. He meant people, too. And John Kerry's position is in full accord with the agenda of the globalist elite.
As Prof. Edward J. Erler notes, taken to its logical conclusion, proof of one's true commitment to diversity requires -- nay, demands -- that security and national sovereignty be sacrificed for its sake.  In the distorted minds of the elite, one way to do this is to open the flood gates to people who are alien to our values and harbor at the very least a latent hostility to the American way of life. Frau Merkel of Germany is the ultimate example of this form of national suicide.  Prof. Erler's point is that massive overdosing on multiculturalism and diversity goes a long way to explain why refugees from Islamic terrorist areas are not being vetted before gaining entrance to the US.
Of course, the commitment of the elites to multiculturalism smacks of hypocrisy. When you consider that among all of us, they are the most insulated from the adverse affects of their insane policy, due to their wealth and power. One has to wonder what the elite reaction would be if Muslim terrorists periodically ran amok in murderous rampages in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. or at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, the inner sanctums of the elite, instead of at a state university catering to the middle class.
So it is in this poisonous environment of multiculturalism ├╝ber alles that the likes of a thoroughly brainwashed university administrator can openly grieve over the passing of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the terrorist at Ohio State.
With the election of Donald Trump and a Republican Congress, America dodged a bullet. There is now a chance for sanity to prevail regarding immigration. But draining all the politically correct swamps at universities and colleges across the country where all must bow before the idols of multiculturalism and diversity will take more than a new president to accomplish. But it must be done. Mitch Daniels atPurdue University is an example of how to push back the multicultural madness. And when this process begins in earnest, don't be surprised at what crawls out.