Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jihadists already acting to counter coming Trump presidency - By James Lewis

Stealth warfare is breaking out, as jihadists take account of the new sheriff in town, President-Elect Donald Trump.  They, and their allies, know they must employ all of the dark arts to counter an active opponent taking the presidency and threatening an anti-jihad alliance with Vladimir Putin.
A NATO auditor has just been assassinated, plausibly by jihadist forces, since he was investigating jihadist penetration in NATO and presumably also in NATO member nations. 
German intelligence recently estimated that perhaps 10,000 jihadis now live in Germany, most coming from Turkey.  For the first time in memory, the Germans have publicly used the correct term "terrorist soldiers" among its massive "Syrian refugee" invasion.
The NATO assassination comes one week after the public assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey by a Turkish policeman, who shouted "Allahu akbar!" before the killing.  The assassin was on a suicide mission, since he could easily have been killed by the ambassador's guards. 
A martyrdom assassination suggests a jihadist background, as does the shout "Allahu akbar," sometimes interpreted as guaranteeing life after death in Paradise.
Recep Erdogan, the autocrat who rules Turkey, is an ideological jihadist and calls himself a "neo Ottoman."  The auditor of NATO is said to have been tracking down ISIS funding; Turkey has been exposed as a major ISIS oil smuggling outlet – by Vladimir Putin. 
As Admiral Lyons pointed out in his vitally important speech at the National Press Club two years ago, jihadist infiltration in Europe and the U.S. has gone on since the late 1960s, with major funding coming from OPEC members, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran. 
Assassination is often a terror weapon with the aim of frightening other high officials at NATO and perhaps in Russia.
I have to believe that Putin, who knows a great deal about "wet affairs" carried out by the KGB and its successor agencies in Russia, has sent in sizable numbers of undercover agents to Turkey, a traditional enemy of Russia.
These are potentially very dangerous developments.  In both killings, the guilty party can be exposed and punished in Russian fashion.
It is impossible to know whether Erdogan was responsible for the assassination or whether Erdogan's Salafist enemy, Fethullah Gulen, who resides in the United States, is trying to make trouble for him.
This is a national security snakepit, as it usually is when these historical forces are entangled.  Open assassinations are very alarming, since they suggest an immediate crisis in some party's view, urgently demanding extreme measures. 
Russians and Turks are well aware of the Serbian assassination that triggered World War I and brought down the Ottoman Empire and the Romanov regime in Moscow.  So these events are charged with terrific symbolic significance.
The timing at the end of the jihadophile Obama administration and the beginning of Donald Trump accession must also be significant.  Trump has now signaled by his appointments that he will be a vigorous opponent of jihad, already in close contact with Vladimir Putin.
If jihadist regimes, both Sunni and Shi'a, want to derail the impending Russian-American alliance, major terror strikes are exactly what they will do.
Please note that the Saudis have been giving public warning of economic retaliation against the United States if the Saudi role in the 9/11 massacre is ever exposed.  But careful news readers are already convinced of that.
Saudi and Gulf State economies are going to be under even greater pressure if Trump opens up domestic oil and shale exploitation.
Saudi Arabia is currently run by its defense minister, while the king is reportedly suffering from dementia.  It is in an undeclared state of emergency.
Iran, as the chief Shi'a terror sponsor, cannot be ruled out, either.
The European Union seems to be breaking down, after Brexit, with Marine Le Pen calling for a French exit, a "Frexit."  She and other anti-EU parties in Europe are likely to make major gains in coming elections.
This is the snakes' nest to end all snakes' nests.
General Mattis, who is expected to be nominated as secretary of defense, has said that treachery happens in every war.  Given his immense experience and scholarship, it has to be supposed that he has a deep understanding of the situation.
U.S. intelligence must be under immense pressure to prevent further top-secret leaks, and to deal with its own jihadist infiltration problem.  Both Trump and Mattis plausibly have intelligence sources outside regular channels.
I have never seen so many precarious forces clashing at the same time in international politics.  Maybe at the end of the Vietnam War or the Stalin years.
It should be said that Trump has recruited the best military and foreign affairs leaders in perhaps half a century.  Contrary to the useful idiots, Trump is extremely well informed and sophisticated about economics and international affairs, and he has been playing master's level chess even before his inauguration.  For that reason, Obama's involvement in these critical events cannot be ruled out with certainty.  He has made close friends with many bad actors, including Recep Erdogan himself.
It may be remembered that at the end of the Cold War, Pope John Paul II suffered near fatal injuries in an assassination attempt by a Turkish assassin.
Obama is leaving us a world full of rocking dominos, and there are many reasons to think this is not accidental.
Red lights are flashing all over the world.