Monday, December 19, 2016

Reversal of the Neocon Foreign Policy Takeover - by Gary North

The victory of Assad over the rebels in Aleppo this week marked the reversal of a foreign policy coup that began in Washington in the immediate aftermath of America’s Saudi-funded victory in the Desert Storm war in February 1991. The coup began no later than March 1991.

The next phase began in November 2001 in Afghanistan. The third phase began on March 20, 2003 in Iraq.

There were other phases. But two phases remain: Syria and Iran. Syria has been reversed. Iran is still on the back burner. Trump may remove it from even the back burner.

To understand all this, watch this 7 1/2-minute segment of a speech by Gen. Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. It was given at the Commonwealth Club of California on October 3, 2007. (Note: things can be hidden in plain site: YouTube.)

As he said, March 1991 revealed the unwillingness of the USSR to challenge the United States military in the Middle East. On December 25 of 1991, the United States received the greatest Christmas present in its history: Gorbachev’s announcement of the final day of the Soviet Union. Russia reappeared out of the rubble of Communism. The Russian cities got their Russian names back over the next few years: the definitive mark of the complete collapse of the Soviet Union.

The 24×7 hostility of the Establishment media against Trump is the reaction of the Establishment against a true political outsider who was elected President for the first time in American history. But it is more than this. Trump wants to reduce the level of confrontation with Russia. Russia is clearly the ally of Syria. After 25 years in the wilderness, Russia is now replacing the long-defunct USSR in the Middle East. This is the reversal of the foreign policy coup that took place in Washington in March 1991.

This is why the neocon Establishment hates Trump.