Friday, July 26, 2019

Fake News? Is there anything real anymore? Well, there is REALITY!

Charles Hugh Smith introduces our topic here.
An excerpt: Once upon a time in America, no adult could survive without a finely tuned BS detector. Herman Melville masterfully captured America's culture of cons and con artists in his 1857 classic………..
An essential component of the American ethos is: don't be a chump. Don't fall for the con. And if you do, it's your own fault. America in 1857 was a simmering stew of con artists, flim-flammers and grifters exploiting the naive, the trusting and the credulous, and that remains the case in 2019.

How about some history? Bet you didn’t know about this tidbit - Shockwave: From 1649 to 2019, 370 Years of Migration in America - By Josh First – as I also learned this morning.

Which means what? Oh yes – California – formerly the land of fruits and nuts, and now human feces!
“So, sure, mock us in Cali. But don’t ignore what’s happening here, because there are plenty of people who want the same thing to happen to you.
Pay attention to California as a cautionary tale.”

Fake Christians? The Real Cause of Casual Christianity – The Floating Axehead – don’t you love that handle?

“It’s long past time to make a clean break from this idol. For decades Christians have been trying to save the public schools. It isn’t working.”

A car that almost was? Eric Peters: “This car was powered by a 1 liter diesel engine and achieved a verified 170 miles-per-gallon. With its hybrid drive engaged, the mileage rose to an incredible 235 MPG. Put another way, on about two gallons of diesel, this VW could go almost 500 miles before it needed more diesel. And it would only need two more gallons to travel another almost 500 miles.”

Oh, about the JFK assassination – Lee Harvey Oswald – which Oswald?

Who said ignorance is bliss, eh?

Hang DaBastahd!