Sunday, July 21, 2019

War with Iran? And what exactly is going on?

If you read the posts here regularly, you know that I have posted many articles on that subject.
I have no doubt that it would be a human disaster of unimaginable proportions – not sparing the continent of North America as in the past.

Today, Vox Day has summarized the situation more succinctly than anyone I know – which, by the way, is why Vox Popoli is one of my first stops every day. If you consider yourself to be informed, you cannot be without it – put it on your list of sites.

Can you top this? Translation: Iran knows it's the neoclowns trying to draw the USA into war against Iran using the UK. President Trump knows it's the neoclowns trying to draw him into war against Iran using the UK. The admirals and generals of the US military know it's the neoclowns. And they all know this is now happening due to the neoclowns' inability to start a war with Russia in the 2015-2018 period.

Is Vox right? Only God knows, but I did comment on Vox Popoli this morning:

I cannot help but remember what Michael Hudson wrote back in February this year - - that is why I archived it.
In it, he refers to his writing about this issue back in the 70's and now he sees it as Trump's plan to break up the American empire - all with the direct action of the NeoClowns hanging themselves.
It's a long Unz article, as usual, but I have highlighted some sections to summarize the basic premise - I read it full text this morning - if true, it's making my day!

Of course, I found it in DaLimbrawLibrary! I keep telling you – that sucker works!

Pray to God he is right!