Monday, July 22, 2019

Nationalism, Controlled Opposition, Immigration and - Vox Day is on a roll!

Most Americans who are politically involved or at least interested, consider the political landscape to be Democrat vs. Republican, with an occasional third party thrown in for variety – as did I for decades. Imagine the surprise when we discover it is just a puppet show – with the puppeteers constantly working to conceal not only their role, but their identity.

Do you recall the TEA Party – what happened to it? Now the oligarchs are trying to coopt the anti-war movement – imagine that: Warmongers Against War!

Today, Vox Day spells out how the media successfully poisoned the term Alternative Right.
The term Alt-Right became a source for more confusion than Men or Women outhouses at a picnic for liberals.

However, when we began to describe ourselves as nationalist or Nationalist Right, their attempts failed – why? BTW – if you happen to link to the article which Vox Day is commenting on – it shows Vox – that is NOT Vox Day! Yeah, I know – names can sometimes lead to confusion – that is why content is key.
Here is the why: Nationalism, in the American context, means America First. Not "we must defend our Greatest Ally" or "we must bomb X for the children" or "we must invade Y because weapons of mass destruction" or "the problem is ILLEGAL immigration" or "the Z is rotting in the fields!" or "they have the Magic Paper so they are just as American as you". Nationalism means rejecting the Proposition Nation, the Huddled Masses, the Melting Pot, and the 1965 Invasion Act. It means rejecting Judeo-Christianity, the Athens+Jerusalem equation, equality, desegregation, diversity, and every other historical falsehood that is being utilized to adulterate, devalue, degrade, and demoralize America.

And no amount of placing adjectives in front of the word nationalism in order to gatekeep the nationalists is going to work. But the mere fact that they feel the need to do so now confirms that the long-term macrosocietal trends are finally flowing in our favor.