Thursday, July 18, 2019

Empirical Evidence, Your Lying Eyes and Your Concrete Mind of Previous Learning

I regularly receive emails from friends and contacts which reflect political views that I had – 30 years ago!

You see – that is the big problem with reading – you learn stuff if you believe your lying eyes – you know – EMPIRICAL evidence, which is defined as evidence you gather by your senses – like your lying eyes! You can imagine the consternation within your mind when those lying eyes show that what you were previously taught and thus learned was nothing more than propaganda – now revealed years later by some dogged researchers to be FAKE news.

Example – today I posted an article which reviews a report issued by the US GOVERNMENT, which I bet you will never see on DaEveningNews. Here is the intro: Within the vast bureaucratic sprawl of the Pentagon there is a group in charge of monitoring the general state of the military-industrial complex and its continued ability to fulfill the requirements of the national defense strategy. Office for acquisition and sustainment and office for industrial policy spends some $100,000 a year producing an Annual Report to Congress. It is available to the general public. It is even available to the general public in Russia, and Russian experts had a really good time poring over it.

Now, let us connect some dots. A couple of days ago, I posted this revelation by Ron Unz.
Read this excerpt: Talking of continuity, a notorious scandal of the Kennedy years was JFK’s defense secretary, Robert McNamara, overruling all expert review and procurement recommendations and insisting that General Dynamics rather than Boeing make the disastrous F-111, at that time one of the largest procurement contracts in the Pentagon’s history…Crown, of Chicago Sand and Gravel, had $300 million of the mob’s money in General Dynamics’ debentures, and after the disaster of the Convair, General Dynamics needed the F-111 to avoid going belly-up, taking the mob’s $300 million with it.

BTW – when you read that piece by Unz, you will read about the SUPERMOB – which I guarantee you and I have never heard about before – for a very good reason – they do not want you to know who they are! So the whole infrastructure of education, media and public knowledge has been established to maintain a mythological image of our country and our culture – which we accept because we find it comfortable – sort of like wishful thinking!

So what do we do now? Yup – stop reading! It might disturb your state of mind and actually lead you to do something about it – like informing your friends and family – but be prepared for some serious flak – nobody wants bad news – and DaTruth is very bad news!