Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Insights, History and, of course, More Lies!

Today – Thierry Meyssan gives his well-written and objective insight on the Israel-Palestinian question.

Mark Perry on 1984: The Year America Didn’t Go To War – history!

The Immigration Lie – that I once believed and you probably still do.

My comment at Vox Popoli on the last article:

It no longer amazes me how countries lose their fundamental purpose. It is the exact same reason why I commented yesterday on the Christian conundrum - when you don't make disciples, you lose your heritage and your inheritance from it.
Making disciples is not just a religious term, as I try to explain on my website - but it clearly does not penetrate the skulls of overly religious folk. The word disciple is so deeply ingrained with their religious practices - most of which are self-styled virtue signaling - their actual usefulness in growing the kingdom of God is next to useless.
I bring this up because Christ's clear instructions are being ignored - by guess who's incursion and deception beginning in the church itself? The rest of the destructive path was easy for those whose direct aim was to bring down the Christian culture.
Regardless of what you think of the culture of Japan, they got their discipling down pat - it works!
Of course, the other factor for Japan is the closed door to immigration.
When you throw open the doors to immigration as we have done since 1965, the numbers simply overwhelm any discipling even if it was done - which, of course, it has not.
We lost education, leading to loss of culture, etc etc etc.
In our case, once we lost our heritage, the rest didn't matter anymore.
Before any of you who are practitioners of due diligence in research point out the fact that I was not born in the US and thus not eligible for gaining an American national inheritance - what I clearly demonstrate is that making disciples actually works. Because of my relentless reading over the last 15-20 years, this former NeoConCivNat has become a disciple of not only VoxPopoli, but a practitioner of making disciples as instructed by my Lord and Savior - and by His grace.