Thursday, November 12, 2015

America's Cultural Disintegration - By Jack D. Douglas

This transgender farce playing out in our Big  Media now is really just one more example of America’s retreat from reality into its Disneyland of fantasies, cultural disintegration, and political-linguistic hash.
In living, vigorous cultures people don’t just call someone whatever they want to be called or let them do just whatever they want to do. They don’t tax people to change the sex of some people and call those changelings whatever they want to be called and do whatever they want to do, even killing their own unborn children by the tens of millions.
Americans are very imperialistic and totalitarian toward most of the world, but at home at the fundamental level of human nature, love, sex, family life, American culture is disintegrating, producing a great epidemic of confusions in political-linguistic hash and ruined lives.
Most Americans experience horrific love, sex, family catastrophes, basic insecurities, anxieties, depression, and take vast amounts of drugs from alcohol to anti-depressants, soporifics, anti-psychotics…in a never-ending pursuit of escape from this life — terrifying chaos at the most basic level.
Psychiatrists officially say about one-third of Americans as mentally ill at some point, but they too live in a strange world of pseudo-science and drugged chaos. The reality is much worse.
In a literal sense, America has gone insane in the terms of its own ancient cultural roots.
No society can exist for long in this state of deep cultural disintegration, human nature confusion, life chaos and passionate misery suppressed by deadly drugs.
Americans who are still sane and in control of their lives are rebuilding their ancient cultural and human nature roots to escape this Insanity Epidemic and live real, productive, fulfilling, happy lives–real human lives.