Sunday, November 15, 2015

Only one outcome matters after terror attacks in France

(Western suicide - IMPORTED - CL)

How often have we heard people say it will take another attack to wake people up? But after each one-more-attack nothing changes (at least not for the better), as the West remains mired in cowardice and complicity. All one need do is look at our rush to import hundreds of thousands of colonizers from Islamic countries and you realize that we’ve fallen into an even deeper slumber – one that borders on comatose………
But what will any of it mean in a few weeks? As noted earlier, if recent history offers any indication, it will amount to precious little. Because as always happens after Islamic terror strikes, the one-sided war fades into the background.
Until the next attack.
No one with access to the bullhorn makes the broader case. No one speaks about the threat of Islam and the totalitarian doctrine that is the Quran. No one talks about the need to kill every single Islamic terrorist we can find, to close our borders to Muslims, and to monitor those already in the country with laser-like scrutiny.
Because multiculturalism. Because racism. Because Islamophobia. Because everything and anything imaginable except our survival and our future.
May the victims who fell to terrorists rest in peace. May the jihadists forever burn in hell. And may we finally wake up to the fact that war is being waged against us as bombs go off, shots are fired, knives are drawn, more and more jihadists are recruited, plots are devised, and any one of us on any given day is a potential target.
May God give us strength to wage and win this battle. Because it’s them. And evil. Or us. And good.
So far evil is gaining ground.