Friday, November 20, 2015

This is yet another reason why we need a new Wikipedia:

This is yet another reason why we need a new Wikipedia:
A crew member from "The Hunting Ground," a one-sided film about campus sexual assault, has been editing Wikipedia articles to make facts conform with the inaccurate representations in the film.

Edward Patrick Alva, who is listed on the film's IMDB page as part of the camera and electrical department, has been altering Wikipedia entries for months, in violation of the website's conflict-of-interest guidelines. Alva is the assistant editor and technical supervisor for Chain Camera Pictures, the production company associated with "The Hunting Ground" director Kirby Dick.

Wikipedia guidelines state: "Do not edit Wikipedia in your own interests or in the interests of your external relationships." As a member of the film's production team, Alva should not have been editing pages about the film or related to the film.
I'm only surprised that it wasn't a Wikipedia admin. They are the real problem. But it does demonstrate the Left's backward thinking. Rather than observing reality and acting on that basis, they act on the basis of their ideology and then attempt to modify reality accordingly.

This is why they reliably fail.