Monday, November 30, 2015

De-Bolshevization and the March of the Useful Idiots

Nazi Germany and the ideology which inspired it was so evil that when we won the Second World War, "de-Nazification" was the remedy.  The Nazis had murdered millions of innocent people, conspired to begin an aggressive world war that plunged most of mankind into bloodshed and destruction, and preached a gospel of hate and lies and infected millions.  De-Nazification was the right thing to do.
When the Soviet Union imploded twenty-five years ago, there was a compelling case to be made for de-Bolshevization.  Communists had murdered many more innocent people than the Nazis – 100,000,000 is the conservative number French leftists calculated in The Black Book of Communism – the first mass genocide in modern Europe was not the Holocaust but the Holodomor, a term virtually unknown to most Americans.
The Second World War was begun not by Hitler, but by Hitler and Stalin.  Nazi Germany, until June 1941, had no more slavish lackey and no more devoted helper than Soviet Union and no greater "Fifth Column" in the democracies than communists in those nations….
The failure of de-Bolshevization means that creeps like Friedan and Trumbo, who are morally indistinguishable from the George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party in 1959, are eulogized as heroes by ignorant Americans who have never heard of just how bad they were.
Worse, the old canard "McCarthyism" is raised, ignoring the sobering fact that when the archives of the Soviet Union were opened by President Yelstin, Western scholars discovered, to their horror, that the penetration of American government by Soviet agents was dramatically greater than even men like McCarthy had alleged. 
Hollywood, which has yet to produce a film about the Gulag or the Holodomor or the Great Terror, has also never made a film about the very real evil of communists in their midst – and, we can be sure, it never will.  We pay a dear price for the failure of de-Bolshevization.