Tuesday, November 17, 2015

If You Believe the Government and the Media on ISIS - You should be wearing a tin-foil hat.

As is the case with virtually every tale told and every action taken by government officials, something doesn’t make sense.
Or it makes perfect sense.  Which story comports better with the reality, versions of the fairy tales like the one told above or the following?
  • The United States and its allies have created, fed, and nurtured this beast now known as ISIS.
  • The US and its allies have pretended to fight ISIS, all the while fighting Assad’s forces with the objective of taking down the current Syrian government.
  • Russia enters the fight against ISIS and starts making serious headway, raising many unavoidable questions among western allies of the US.
  • ISIS (according to the official narrative) conducts a coordinated attack in a major western city.
  • As the bloodshed has been brought home, western allies decide this isn’t patty cake; they demand that the US gets serious.
  • Oil trucks get bombed.
That’s my working theory.  I readily admit it isn’t fully flushed out; it is still the early stages of this episode.