Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why the leftists propagandized that Texas homeschool case will scare you to death

Homeschoolers, you need to read this. Last week I posted the true story behind the media lies about the El Paso Independent School District’s attack on the McIntyre homeschool family. Now I realize why they were doing so, and the legal implications are actually quite frightening. What it boils down to is an attempt by the left to get courts to allow the school district officials to have immunity from lawsuits when they break the law harassing and persecuting homeschoolers. If this can be achieved in Texas, it could set a precedent for this type of harassment nationwide.
The case was so badly distorted by the media that there had to be some ulterior motive. There had to be some reason why national media outlets were taking a local case involving a public school district, spinning an outright lie about it, suppressing 80 percent of the real story, and running with it. After reading all of the court briefs and decisions, and doing a little background research, I have realized that reason.
As I said last time, the school district’s defense essentially hinges upon a claim that the truant officer, as a government official, should have “qualified immunity” from lawsuits. I noted that fact thinking it was an almost laughably pitiful defense, and I noted it only in passing. I should have stopped to think: duh! This is just the kind of ultra-hubris we should expect from leftist, activist, and/or statist public officials. They really do believe this privilege should apply to them whatever they may do. They really do believe they should be immune from prosecution even when breaking the law in the name of the law, and persecuting those they hate (home schools) in the name of protecting the children. They really, seriously want this power, and they want to use it to stamp out their ideological rivals.