Friday, November 13, 2015

Universities Have Become Totalitarian Gulags - By Robert Oscar Lopez (Member of faculty)

(After you read this article, you might want to research the name Antonio Gramsci. You can do that right here, using the search tool above. Those articles that you find will show how we got into this education mess. CL)

The modern American university has become a taxpayer-subsidized left-wing gulag.  In it, dissenters such as myself can be subjected to Stalinist show trials, spied on, and threatened with loss of livelihood for espousing dangerous ideas or associating with political pariahs.  If Republicans continue to moan about "liberal bias" and "losing the culture wars" without mustering the courage to do something about it – à la Ben Carson's stoppage of funding or Glenn Reynolds's abolition of aristocratic loopholes for Ivy League tithing – then the whole notion of higher education is going to be lost.
I have glimpsed the future that awaits the whole country if the Equality Act is passed.  My university – which I have nicknamed Gaslight University – has charged me with "discrimination" against gays and women.  I suggest that you check out the article by Peter Fricke (or this one or this one or this one or this one or this one).  If moved, you are always free to sign the online petition posted by a British academic or the online petition posted by Ruth Institute president Jennifer Roback Morse.
Everything you've heard recently about universities shredding the Constitution is unfortunately true………..

Universities like Gaslight have created a shadow legal system under the guise of fostering campus "inclusivity" and "tolerance."  There are so many crises in higher education that it is hard to remember that they all flow from the same corruptive tendency.  The modern university gathers too many people who think alike.  With incestuous cronyism comes inefficiency, leading to the high costs and waste of public funds.  With it also comes exclusion of outsiders and ultimately an inability to self-critique.  Under such conditions, interactions are poisoned by power games, and learning itself degenerates.  What were once halls of learning become corridors of institutional control.  Welcome to the gulag.

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