Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nationalizing American Churches and Institutions

Conservatives broadly interpret the First Amendment as guaranteeing the right of people of faith to practice their religion privately and publically and to develop institutions which reflect their faith and religious principles. They believe people of faith are guaranteed freedom to influence the public arenas of education, politics, law, business and the arts.
But for the Left, the First Amendment restricts the practice of religion, which is defined as a completely private matter. Prayer and religious rituals are to be confined to the privacy of the home and church buildings. Religion is seen as having absolutely no right to intrude itself into society at large. As the case of Coach Joe Kennedy reveals, even public prayer of an individual is a justifiable reason for being fired.    Kelvin Cochran, former Atlanta firefighter, was fired for writing about biblical views on sexuality. He was told to keep his religious opinions private.
The Left’s narrowing down of the interpretation of First Amendment rights combined with government force against people of faith, particularly Christians, have provided the current progressive/leftist administration the perfect rationale for controlling individual Christians who dare practice their faith in public. But it also has provided the rationale for taking over the American Christian Church and its institutions. By narrowing down freedom of religion to meaning mere private piety in the home and/or church building, the Left automatically feels free to establish its authority over everything else. All of society and its institutions are to adhere to progressivism, which is free to establish total control by force, relegating free standing religious institutions and their spheres of influence to the dust bin of history.
Just how is the Left going about taking over the Church and its institutions?