Friday, November 6, 2015

Islam or Christianity - Written by a former Islamic imam - Atheist, believer or agnostic? Do you understand the difference?

Dr. Mark Christian ( is the President and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute. A former Islamic imam who converted from Islam to Christianity, he has dedicated his life and work to the proposition that "the first victims of Islam are the Muslims themselves."  He wrote this piece with Joe Herring, a freelance writer who also serves as the communications director for the Global Faith Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.
In recent years, "interfaith dialogue" has become the buzzword of choice for the kumbaya crowd in both Christian and Jewish circles.  Unable or unwilling to fully grasp the reality that "the nice fellow down the street" follows a religion that requires the murder of those who seek to leave it, these well-meaning folk have sought to do what well-meaning folk have always done: to foster understanding among reasonable people.

This inclination would be laudable were it not for the nature of Islam, a thoroughgoing machine of subjugation and intolerance.  When the central tenets of a religion call for the subjugation or murder of every other person on the planet, then one might be forgiven for healthy skepticism regarding offers of interfaith dialogue from the devout adherents of said religion.
Unfortunately for liberals everywhere, tolerance of intolerance doesn't lead to understanding, but instead emboldens the intolerant to trample yet farther into the vineyards of the innocent, destroying any chance of a fruitful harvest.
The interfaith movement has its origins in Islamic dawa, or what is sometimes called civilizational jihad.  Through immigration, high birth rates, and taqiyya (lying for the benefit of Islam), Islamists intend to increase their numbers among the Western democracies until they are capable of overturning secular law in favor of sharia law.