Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Publicly Funded Pensions Now Rival Those of Top CEOs

It’s not likely that Bernie Sanders will include government employees in his next speech against the rich. He will not mention the trillions in unfunded pension debt taxpayers of the future will be forced to pay. This doesn’t fit the socialist agenda. In fact, the socialist agenda is happy to take money from the middle class and poor in order to get wealthy. That’s what they’re all about, and that’s why they hide it. If they did not intend to take all this money under the pretense of helping the children and make a greener earth, they would talk about it.
Not only do they not talk about it, but many watchdog groups have been forced to file FOIA requests and sue in Federal courts to find out how much these public servants make.
And while the Center for Effective Government is very happy to release this CEO retirement savings information they have not yet released any of the information listed here.  And they won’t.  It doesn’t fit their agenda, which is to enable the public sector to get richer on their rhetoric of helping the poor.  Currently Yum! Brands employs 1.5 million people around the globe while public sector unions had an unfunded debt in 2012 of $4.6 trillion. 
To use the language of the Left, there needs to be a dialogue. A dialogue between taxpayers and those who profess to serve them.