Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Thank You Note to President Obama - from WeDaDeplorablePeople

Dear President Barak H. Obama:
Thank you for your service to mankind! Without your 8 years presiding as president, the American people might never have noticed the cesspool in DC which has been stinking up the neighborhood for decades.
Just as your designated successor Hillary and her traveling bus - which dumped their raw sewage into an open storm drain, thereby exceeding their limit of tolerance with us Deplorables - we have finally decided to do something about it.
As an RV'er myself, I have handled my share of dumping to know the difference between natural necessities and Guvmint bovine outage. You have accentuated that awareness in all of us by your unmitigated arrogance as president.
You made it crystal clear as to where we stand - and for that we thank you!
Can you hear us now?