Monday, November 14, 2016

Soros-Funded Anti-Trump Protesters Rioting in Cities Across America: Fomenting National Crisis and Martial Law? - By Joachim Hagopian

Globalist investor in murder and mayhem George Soros is at it again, funding his to organize post-election “sour grapes” protests around the country in response to underdog Trump’s surprising President-elect victory. Complicit crime partner mainstream media is having a field day deceitfully spinning these top down, billionaire driven demonstrations as a spontaneous, grassroots populist uprising against racist dictator Donald. From a press release from

The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible.

The Soros-affiliated machine further boasts:

Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.
The Washington oligarchy’s propaganda ministry wants the world to believe a groundswell of concerned, mindful citizens have taken to the streets in a surge of moralistic patriotic fervor determined to derail the spread of Trump’s legitimacy as the so-called leader of the “free world,” that is if you still believe living in a fascist totalitarian police state called Amerika is still “the free world.” Thanks to the likes of the Clintons, Obama and the Bushes who’ve for decades conspired to strip away all our constitutional rights and freedoms in the name of New World Order deep state tyranny, “the free world” no longer exists on this planet. But the self-righteous, follow-the-leader sheep of befuddled malcontents rioting in the streets across America haven’t a clue with propaganda lies now owning them.

In every large city in America that voted heavily for Hillary, a Soros organized and financed mercenary army has been unleashed engaging in violent destructive behavior. We’re all supposed to accept MSM reporting that tens of thousands of fellow Americans who in good conscience just can’t accept a Trump-led United States are joining forces in righteous solidarity, defiantly marching now in large numbers crying foul that that a “xenophobic racist” is soon to be our president. They’re violently hitting the streets in robotic, monkey see, monkey do support for a former serial rapist president and his thug wife who intimidated and silenced all his victims and who also lost Tuesday’s election.

And as far as their track record, the Clintons have been consistently supporting and implementing the globalist agenda that exploits racial tensions promoting racial and religious division and war against dark-skinned people. Though the Clintons have always paid lip service pretending to support minorities in order to secure their votes, they have never done anything beneficial for people of color. Take a look at how they raked in millions from their Haiti post-earthquake scam, leaving the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation’s people abandoned, still suffering and thoroughly ripped off. If you want to get real with racism and sexual perversion, then look no further than the Clintons. But in a truth-starved, deep state world, the automatons now running violently in America’s streets have systematically been conditioned to be oblivious to the truth.

In Hillary and Bill’s belated concession speech, each conspicuously wore purple in a symbolic covert message giving the green light to the latest Soros’ funded “color revolution” taking place in America. As Paul Craig Roberts incisively observes, the anti-Trump protesters are mere tools of the oligarchy to “de-legitimize” the Trump presidency the same way Soros funded while Hillary’s US State Department NGO’s were used to disfavor the democratically elected Ukraine president three years ago that led to his overthrow in February 2014. Soros-Hillary’s blood-soaked hands in past color revolutions sponsored by the CIA destabilized the Middle East and North Africa during 2011’s Arab Spring Uprising that included Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya among others.

The subversive objective is regime change by inciting domestic tensions and upheaval designed to destabilize wherever Empire encounters resistance to its brutal rape and pillaging. Lingering effects from these abominable, highly illicit Soros-Clinton operations interfering with the internal affairs of targeted sovereign nations around the world are still lethally raging as wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and Yemen, chaotic disaster in Venezuela, simmering violent tensions periodically boiling over in Armenia’s Nagorno-Karabakh, South Sudan and now the Philippines as well among many more. Any nation state that refuses to be chewed up and spit out by US Empire/World Bank/IMF economic hit job becomes a CIA/NGO target for violent coups and insurrections, and now it’s USA’s turn using the Trump presidency as its next victim.

As if the bloodshed and violence that George Soros’ filthy money has caused around the globe isn’t enough, as of late he’s been especially active in America trying to create race wars on US soil. Spending millions ($33 million in Ferguson alone) to send busloads of his mercenary army of agitators to foment riots and violence in inner cities right after another white cop kills another unarmed black man in Ferguson and Baltimore, Soros as a huge $25 million Clinton campaign donor also deployed mentally handicapped individuals and members of Black Lives Matter to disrupt and incite brawls at Trump rallies this year blaming it on opponents Sanders and Trump. The bloodsucking Soros thrives on stirring up trouble and hostilities around the globe, pitting various people and groups against each other as part of his elitist strategy to divide and rule the world. Since the late 1980’s the double trouble kingpin has conspired insurgency and regime change revolts in Eastern European nations like Poland and the Czech Republic and ran the show dictating at will with his money and unbridled power what Secretary of State puppet Hillary needed to do in Ukraine, Albania and elsewhere in order to continue receiving both his financial support and “guidance.”

This week the Soros and Clinton paid minions are out in full force deployed onto the streets of Washington, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle and Austin, totaling over a couple dozen cities. As a matter of fact, photographic evidence proving the protests are nothing more than artificially staged “civil disturbances” inflicted on America by Soros, a fleet of chartered buses showed up in Austin, Texas.  But of course the loyal Clinton presstitutes are creating the false narrative that an authentic citizen uprising is organically growing out of moral indignation for Trump, and they’re milking it for all its worth with headlines like “Anti-Trump Protests Spread Around Nation.”

Ironically it was supposed to be all the disgruntled Trump diehards who would angrily rise up in in arms after the rigged election triggers a violent national citizen revolt from Trump supporters. But instead it’s the violent rabblerousing Hillary camp starting fires and spreading anarchy in America’s streets. With purple Hillary and MSM’s subtly hidden blessings, mainstream coverage of the ensuing violence and property damage continuing to erupt for a third straight day in a row is predictably being downplayed. Reuters reports:
The protests were for the most part peaceful and orderly, although there were scattered acts of civil disobedience and damage to property.

Reuters goes on to explain only “a handful of protesters” were arrested in Portland, Oregon.
That said, in stark contrast, this is what “peaceful” pro-Hillary demonstrations actually look like. Enraged Trump haters went out seeking revenge against the Donald’s supporters celebrating early Wednesday morning at Times Square, promptly crashing Trump’s party with violent clashes. Pro-Hillary supporters resorted to widespread violence in at least two dozen US cities. Reports thatAmerican flags have been burned in multiple cities is actually right in synch with Hillary and her globalists’ masterplan to erase all sovereign borders in favor of their one world government. So will the globalists’ trade agreements like TPP and TTIP that Hillary secretly supports put the final nail in the coffin of America as a sovereign independent nation.

The so-called peaceful demonstrators turned into violent rioters in a number of locations like Oakland and Portland, setting fire to garbage and tires and breaking windows. An unruly mob of 7,000Oakland protesters quickly grew out of control, engaging in acts of arson starting about 40 different fires, throwing rocks, bottles, M-80’s and Molotov cocktails at police injuring three officers who then fired tear gas to break up the crowd as thick plumes of smoke filled the embattled city skies. An Oakland police patrol car was also torched. One entire Oakland block was seriously vandalized. Protesters spray painted graffiti messages “kill Trump” and “fuck Trump” as they set fires. At least 30 were arrested during the Oakland rampage.

The more vocal pro-Hillary outbursts began surfacing on America’s college campuses. At the University of Oregon and California universities like UCLA and UC Berkeley, the anti-Trump forces converged… a far cry from the 60’s and early 70’s when these same colleges were the bastions of the anti-war peace movement. Now the same schools are spawning violence in support of their nasty crime boss who vowed to bomb Russia and Iran

Meanwhile, the object of their violent hatred is a noninterventionist vowing to help Putin kill the very same terrorists that their favored losing candidate helped create and continues supporting. Sadly, times have vastly changed not for the better. Too many university students today are media brainwash victims.

Across America hundreds of protesters have been arrested. In Los Angeles about 3,000 demonstrators gathered in two places, disrupting traffic commandeering the 101 freeway that passes through the downtown area. Another contingent of angry anti-Trump protestors assembled outside of Los Angeles city hall. A bloody head of Trump was burned in effigy. In all, 29 people were reported to be arrested in LA. A confrontation between police and protesters in Orange County’s Santa Ana witnessed a brick thrown into a police cruiser, two other cars damaged and two businesses vandalized with 10 arrests.

4,000 protesters in Portland disrupted downtown traffic and forced train delays, shattered windows, lit a fire in a dumpster and vandalized 19 vehicles at a car dealership. A group of violent anarchists led the crowd inciting property destruction although a number of demonstrators chanted “peaceful protest.” But likely the Soros paid agitators succeeded in turning the protest into a riot, resulting in at least 26 arrests. Denver protesters walked onto Interstate 25 shutting down both sides of the freeway for a half hour. 500 demonstrators assembled in Louisville.

In New York City over 30 were arrested gathering in two locations, one outside the Trump Tower and another at Columbus Circle. Clinton loyalists Lady Gaga, Madonna and Cher joined the Trump Tower protesters on Wednesday night where American flags were burned as well as in Philadelphia and Washington. 15 arrests were made at the Trump Towers in New York for disorderly conduct.

Speaking of has-been celebrities, in dire desperation the last week of her campaign, Hillary paraded her A-list of star power onto the stage playing the pied piping idolatry card as a last gasp cheap ploy to condescendingly buy votes from the younger generations. Beyoncé, husband Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, LeBron James and Bruce Springsteen all paid homage to their favorite crime boss. Meanwhile, Cher, Lena Dunham, Samuel L. Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, George Lopez, Al Sharpton, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg have all gone on public record stating that they plan to move out of the country if the rigged election still fails to get their murdering crime boss queen elected. Good riddance!

On Friday evening protests were organized in Miami and West Palm Beach as well. 1000 demonstrators each marched in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, slightly less in Columbus, Ohio. Up to 2,000 marchers in Chicago gathered at Trump Tower while others attempted to obstruct traffic.

USA Today counted over 50 protests since Tuesday night and over a dozen more known already planned. The supplying the centralized organizers of these nationwide protests in reaction to a Trump presidency is intended to spread and grow over time into a political movement throughout the country. Soros is prepared to fuel the protests with deep pockets and paid professional anarchists designed to incite widespread violence, vandalism and civil unrest throughout the US. The treasonous aging billionaire is seeking regime change right here in America in plain sight, clearly a direct assault on our nation’s democratic principles, against both the democratically elected leader as well as against the will of the American people who specifically voted for the outsider as a rejection of the very corrupt dirty power politics game represented by Soros, Hillary and her Democratic Party.

The hypocritical hubris of these diehard Clinton supporters is projected on full display when they resort to lawbreaking anarchy violence at the same time that misguided, flowery language flows out of their mouths. In the words of one New York protester:
There’s a man who’s the human embodiment of hate who’s going to become our next president, so the best thing we can do is try to connect with people who are representing love and connection…

Hmm, like the most dangerous, warmongering presidential candidate in US history who promised the world that America would go to war against both Russia and Iran… or the vicious, demonic mastermind who buys violence, death and destruction like they’re commodities on a monopoly board, or like the “loving” protesters spreading violence across America right now, all in the name of love and connection. Meanwhile, anti-Trump death threats showed up on Twitter calling for Trump and his Vice President-elect Mike Pence to be assassinated. That’s how some who object to Trump show their love.

If it were angry Trump supporters on a wild rampage like this, mainstream media would be calling protesters committing this exact same behavior as hateful, anti-American racists bent on causing race wars in cities across America, forcing the government to take measures to quell such out of control, Trump-inspired violent anarchy and hate. In the same way that Soros and the media giants both engage in race baiting that foments further violence and unrest in places like Ferguson and Baltimore as part of a sinister globalist agenda, the same diabolical dynamic is currently underway with the media inciting American citizens to hit the streets in protest and a meta-message to spread violence and bloodshed that will invariably be blamed on Donald Trump, who is being demonized just like Putin and Assad

The disturbing truth here is there’s a hidden Soros-Clinton-MSM agenda purposely adding fuel to the fire so that paid Soros-Hillary shills violently act out in efforts to lead another color revolution coup staged as an “out of control crisis” and “national rebellion.” Remember the operative word here is perception where MSM covertly creates and stages a false narrative that a national emergency will warrant President Obama to opportunistically call out the National Guard in order to stabilize the nation “bordering on civil war,” thus handing him the excuse to declare martial law prior to Trump’s inauguration in January.

Or if that particular endgame scenario fails to materialize, as long as the civil unrest and widespread violence continues to grow nationally, the ruling elite may engineer some other form of false flag crisis like a cyber attack on the US banking infrastructure, then subversively blame the Trump-Putin duo for the conspiracy. Or if Trump does manage to outlast his January inauguration date and become president, you can bet that the globalists will soon thereafter unleash a full-blown financial crisis where their house of cards global economy collapses like dominoes into a worse depression than the one that followed the 1929 stock market crash that they also initiated. President Trump of course will be accused of causing that catastrophe as well.

That’s why this election was rigged by preprogrammed voting machines to deliver the outcome that has shocked so many. Once the elite deemed Hillary to be damaged goods and a liability with all her nonstop scandals and criminality, suddenly a decision was made to fix the election so a narrow margin of victory could be claimed by Donald Trump. When just before the election Hillary and Bill were both accused of being pedophiles by honest members of the New York Police Department and the FBI after discovering evidence on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, directly connecting the Clintons to their billionaire buddy, registered sex offender and fellow pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s international child sex slavery trafficking ring, the elite conceded defeat and threw Hillary under the bus.

With this worldwide child sex ring threatening to expose not only the Clintons but the likes of the Bushes, Prince Andrew, other members of European royalty, multiple high court judges in both North America and Europe, prominent politicians in both US Congress as well as European parliaments, high-ranking military officers and world famous entertainers as part of a Satanic worshipping cabal that rules the world, Trump became the elite’s fall guy choice as long as this most sordid and heinous criminal scandal in human history is kept tightly under wraps from the world ever fully knowing about it. Even Trump himself is implicated having been on board Epstein’s Lolita Express.

But it’s too late for that now as the cat’s already been let out of the bag. Courageous whistleblowers in both law enforcement and journalism are pushing for the ugly truth to be fully exposed as the best opportunity to remove this criminal cabal from power once and for all, seeking justice by placing the perpetrators on trial for their unlimited high crimes that include treason, war atrocities, pedophilia, human genocide and crimes against humanity. 

An international truth and reconciliation commission will need to be organized to facilitate those from lower levels of this international cabal to come forth providing evidence and testimony to hold those guilty at the top fully accountable. This tall order is what “draining the swamp” will really be all about.

Getting rid of the subhuman scum that have controlled virtually all human affairs over the past few centuries will pave the way for a new beginning where such advanced technologies as free energy and a resource-based global infrastructure can be developed and built to sustain a population of 11 billion people. By purging the crime cabal leaders and their puppet masters, the ruling elite’s plan to commit human genocide by drastically reducing the world population from its current 7.4 billion to just over a half billion people will be circumvented. Once we “drain the swamp” of these Satanic mass murderers, a social, economic and spiritual transformation will then finally be freely in place to promote humans into living in harmony and peace on this earth the way that God originally intended.