Monday, November 28, 2016

Next Steps on the Right - By David Prentice

I think we have witnessed a national miracle in the past year.  Against all odds, the Clinton machine, the corrupt Democrat juggernaut, the media, what I used to call the Democrat-media complex has been defeated.  Donald Trump is president-elect.  Our so-called media has been undressed as collaborative frauds (Democrats with by lines), the #NeverTrump media on the right as well.  The “rigged system” was beat.

My take: We need to exhale and give thanks for this miracle, the alternative we just dodged, meaning another four to eight years of the corrupt Democrat machine along with the capitulating embarrassment the Republicans had become, would have sealed our fate as a nation.  If you don’t think we were on our way to becoming a combination of old Europe, Venezuela, and England rolled into one bad horror sequel, then you haven’t had your eyes open, you haven’t been paying attention.

The past weeks since the election have shown us one more horrifying set of facts.  The left is not going away.  Not only are they not going away, but they are more banal, more shrill, more dangerous, and more juvenile than we’ve ever seen.  As that great sage, Captain Barbossa in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean so aptly said:  “You’d best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner.  Because now you’re in one.”    

Yes, it feels as if we are in a sequel of a bad horror film – one where our political opposition is using its entire bag of tricks to delegitimize an election, delegitimize an entire administration before it assumes power, along with delegitimizing every one of us who oppose the left, every one of us who wants a better direction for this country.  They have been rioting for almost three weeks now, having petulant hissy fits on Facebook, hiding and pouting in safe rooms on college campuses, and putting forth the most awful lies and slanders in our media.  Make no mistake: they are pulling out the entire Alinsky playbook, fomenting pressure, unrest, and relentlessly attacking everything the incoming administration is doing in order to delegitimize them.

They have successfully destroyed two presidents in my lifetime.  Both Bush presidencies were done in by these tactics (along with the Bushes’ own feckless response to them).  The tactics work, the left knows how to use its playbook, and we need to figure how to keep defeating them.  Now.  Our job is not finished just because Trump won and the Clinton machine was broken.  Far from it.  As I write, they are salivating at the ways they can divide us, destroy us, and regain their power.  The media, in spite of making fools of themselves with their partisan Democrat nature, are doubling down to help with this destruction, and for the foreseeable future, we need to be vigilant, be smart, and unify, or this great chance we have to reset our country’s direction will be stillborn.

In the words of Ben Franklin: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”  To those on the right who were #NeverTrump, you need to turn and apologize and get on board or just go away in shame never to return.  To those on the right who I call  #AlmostNeverTrump, you need to stop sniping, stop shooting your own side in the back.  It’s unseemly and does not help one bit.  To those of you who need some hand-holding because our president-elect is a bit rough on the edges, a bit uncouth, and imperfect, get over yourselves.  The time to be a Stockholm syndrome Republican is gone, and there are important things to accomplish.  To those Reagan Democrats who showed up, welcome back.  To those of us who supported Trump, thought he would win, and got behind him early, it’s time to bury the hatchet.  It’s time to let all of the above factions of the center-right back in, time to unify.  There are important things to be done.

Without a modicum of unity we cannot succeed in this great chance to turn our country away from the certain destruction the left will bring.  For the sake of our posterity, we need to form a pact to unify for this next year – actually, the next two.  Eight years would be better, but let’s start with the first two.  We have an agenda to implement, and it’s a multi-front war for all of us. 

We have to stop the left from delegitimizing our president, our movement, and literally our country.  There are some correct ways to upset the left and keep them off balance – that’s for another article – but the best one is simple, and that is to unify behind the Trump administration as best we can.

Is Trump going to make mistakes, and do some things some of us won’t like?  You betcha he is.  He’s human, he’s fallible, and he has his issues (as all of us do).  He’s going to also make mistakes.  I’m not suggesting that we don’t continue to push for a conservative agenda, or become thoughtless robots nodding our heads to everything he does. 

What I’m suggesting is that we put those things we don’t care for aside during the next two years as the agenda we know is needed so sorely for our country is put in place. 

The undoing and replacement of Obamacare, the reset of our economy and businesses, the Supreme Court nominees, the repatriation of business money, the repairing of our immigration system, the restoration of integrity in our federal agencies, the ongoing war against Islamic extremism, the resetting as an energy-rich and energy-independent nation, the restoration of our military, making our education system great again, respecting the lives of the unborn.  Yes, that’s a mouthful – one that could have included many more items.  It’s a huge undertaking to do all these things simultaneously, yet it’s what we have to do right now. 

I’m suggesting that all of us on the right remember who our opponents are and what they have become.  They have become power-mad, and more than slightly crazy.  They must stay defeated by our unity.  That list of things I just mentioned, they’re all important, and all necessary, and they have to begin to be implemented from day one, which is today.  It’s the Trump agenda, it’s our agenda, and it needs to be given a chance to succeed.  We have to do our part during this one great opportunity to reset the direction of this country, and I urge all of us to get to work.  Do your part to make this happen.  Think before sniping; consider the consequences of not succeeding.  Unify.  Help.  Be thoughtfully involved.  Fight the good fight.  Help make America great again.

Or we will assuredly hang separately.