Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do not ask what is wrong with America. - Ask what is wrong with your home. Vox Day comments on the Men of the West.

What is wrong with America?
According to the Men of the West, that is the wrong question for most of us:

Once our homes were changed, it was only a matter of time before everything changed.  But if you think this is a defeatist message, you are mistaken.  No.  It could not be less so.  Because as we look at all the problems of America and we ask ourselves, “What can I do?”  I want you to know that you can save it all.  You can fix it.  All of it.   Because you and I are what is wrong with America.   Our homes are what is wrong.

Now… you can’t fix the federal government.  You can’t fix the crime rates.   You can’t fix the school system or the justice system.  You can’t fix any of that.  That isn’t under your control.

But your home is under your control.  You can fix your home.   And if you fix your home, and I fix my home, then all of these other problems?  They fix themselves.

The battle is right in front of you.  The war for civilization is your family.

Do not ask what is wrong with America.

Ask what is wrong with your home.

Or to put it another way, the journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single step. Don't worry about the destination for now. Take the first step.

And I have to admit, while I have contemplated the decline of the West from an architectural perspective - I utterly loathe all glass, steel, and box design - I've never once thought about it with regards to the single-family home.

In any event, before you can make America great again, you have to make yourself great again. I'm told Mike Cernovich has a few thoughts on how to go about doing that.

The Men of the West also identify what is wrong with most modern Christianity:

It is interesting and somewhat amusing to me that a vast majority of so-called Christians miss the most fundamental aspect of Christianity. And when you tell them what that is, many of them go off on indignant rants or flat out refuse to “believe” it.

They will sooner accuse you of lying or being wrong than bother to verify this simple fact, which takes ten seconds on google or using any Bible you may have at hand.

And what is this fundamental fact that is so shocking to these faux Christians? Simply this:

This planet, and in my opinion the entirety of what we refer to as the material, physical universe, falls under the domain of the Prince of the Air. The Father of Lies. The Prince of Darkness. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden. The Enemy. The Eternal Psychopath. First of the fallen Angels. Satan. Lucifer. Take your pick, after all, his names are Legion.

They are absolutely correct. There is no Problem of Evil with regards to Christianity. Quite the opposite, actually. Christianity is the explicit answer to the philosophical Problem of Evil. And there is no other religious or philosophical or scientific answer that even begins to address it as coherently, or as completely, as Christianity.

That, of course, is why the rational atheist, or indeed, any other logically consistent thinker who is not a Christian, has to deny that evil exists.