Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vox Popoli: Is the Alt-Right dead? - by Vox Day

Is the Alt-Right dead?
Paul Joseph Watson talks to Mike Cernovich about the question.

Contrary to what you'll read about them, the answer is quite obviously no. PJW and Mike understand the new media game much, much better than most of their critics, all of whom are still operating on the same outdated concept that let the media play Richard Spencer last week. That doesn't mean they are always correct; I trust their judgment on the media and I prefer to rely upon my own with regards to the more abstract and historical elements.

Events and movements require the right moment more than the right person. What will have a massive impact today might have gone unnoticed five years ago. Social mood, as per socionomics, is key. The historical cycles, from Kondratieff to the debt cycle, also play significant roles. The next 10 years are the Alt-Right's moment, because only its ideology is in harmony with both the zeitgeist and the material, measurable societal metrics that the cliodynamicists are tracking.

Both the USA and Europe are rapidly approaching critical stress points with unhappy populaces and rival elites whose interests cannot be rectified. An 1860-level event could take place in as few as four years from now in one or more nations in the West, and that's not even taking the situations in Ukraine/Russia, Syria, Iran, or the South Pacific into account. That is why the Alt-Right is destined to rise in much the same way the Republicans did regardless of a) what it is called or b) who is involved.

What is happening is much, much bigger than the media, the Alt-White, or even PJW understand. (PJW hasn't caught onto the inevitability of identity politics yet, but he's smart and he'll figure out their relevance soon
.) There is very little that any of us can do about any of this; even the global elite who flatter themselves with the idea that they are driving events are actually doing little more than attempting to hold on to the hurricane and exploit whatever consequences result.

Look, I'm a game designer. I design multi-variable models, and without the ability to design for effect, or impose external limitations on the outputs, fairly minor changes rapidly cause the model to become unpredictable. And the complexity of real world events is vastly greater than a simulation of a sports league, or a single game.