Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vox Popoli: Mailvox: diversity and dialectic - (An extraordinarily insighful narrative on learning truth. - CL)

Mailvox: diversity and dialectic
A reader whose existence would almost surely be denied by the Left shares his experience of gravitating towards the Alt-Right over time:

I have been reading your blogs --Vox Day and sometimes Alpha Game--almost daily for some time now; probably spent an entire day reading post after post on Vox Day once. For those reasons, and another I will tell you down the line, I thought you might be interested in my perspective. First, a little background information. I am of Black East African descent, the son of immigrants to the USA, and a citizen.

I was a leftist from most of that life until I stopped listening to the popular race narrative and picked up books on racial politics from the opposition (conservatives); to test my convictions, give the the other opinion a fair hearing. Following lots of discussions, frustrations and insults with conservatives, I quickly joined the "it's not oppression, it's culture" side of the debate.

This would also be my first lesson in the power of identity vs ideology. On the left, I had come to identify with "Black America". As I realized just how retarded and economically illiterate the victimhood narrative is, I dropped the identity. The ideology followed soon after. First, I became a Milton Friedman/Thomas Sowell conservative; then, upon reading Hoppe, Rothbard and Mises a minarchist Libertarian. That's pretty much where my ideological journey ended when I first heard about you.

On racial differences, I couldn't bring myself to deny their existence. But I clung to the amorphous concept of culture to explain them away. Reading Thomas Sowell and Jared Diamond was enough for some time but the question couldn't be erased from my mind: where does culture come from? I eventually got tired of the farce. A little research made it abundantly clear that the only thing holding the culture crowd together was sheer denial and ignorance of uncomfortable facts. It's not culture, it's genes.

That was way too long, but hopefully enough that you get where I am coming from.

Now, reading Vox Day has been the source of perhaps the greatest succession of Eureka moments I have had in my life. It has been my utmost pleasure to be intellectually challenged by your views, wrestle with them and ultimately understand them. Also, saying that your writing is excellent would be a gross understatement. I love it!

I have been amazed at just how reading you has gotten me to espouse opinions which I wouldn't have ever considered before. It just works. If I were a little more inclined to the ridiculous African tendency for superstition, I might call it magic; we still disagree on a few things, of course. I am an atheist, for example, and I still hold reservations on free trade. Much less enthusiastically after reading you and yes, I realized long before reading you that I could only be a consistent thinker--as an atheist--by denying the existence of evil. Still struggling with that one. But I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate the work you do, and not just in my own selfish quest for the truth, but also for America.

As much as I hate to admit it, the only people in the world casting their vote for freedom are White Americans. America alone stands against the mindless, brainless slavery the rest of the world has to offer; the last hope of freedom lovers everywhere, the last chance to gift humanity with a land where freedom reigns (more so than anywhere else). Seeing Blacks, Hispanics and now Asians continually and cockroachly eating away at this legacy has me royally pissed off!

That's why I wrote this mail. Today, I was with an Asian-"American" cuckservative arguing in favor of abolishing the electoral college, in the wake of the God-Emperor's rise. My anger was enough that my inner reaction was some version of: "Bitch, this country was not founded for people like you! Shut the fuck up and stop trying to inject your foreign political influence into the nation!". Of course, I never actually said it. I am as polite a gentleman as they come. But I realized that I had spent too much time on your blog, and how thankful I was for it.

I hope that the work you do, and that of others like you, will be enough to rouse up White America. And even if it doesn't, should the worst come to pass, know that I consider it an honor to have intellectually stood with you--perhaps on the wrong side of history--but on the side of bravery, truth and freedom.

The reader answers the question that is often asked of me: why would an American Indian expat, or African immigrant, or South Pacific islander, or Chinese national, ever support the Alt-Right? As should now be obvious, we support the Alt-Right because the Alt-Right ideology, such as it is, is the only one that is in philosophical harmony with history, science, current events, and the truth as we best understand it today. It is the only ideology that is capable of defending truth, freedom, and Western civilization because it is the only one that is not dependent upon the adherent believing, and telling, provable lies. It is the only ideology that is presently providing predictive models being confirmed by events.

The Alt-Right lens is the only one that makes sense of the world as we observe it.

The reader's email also highlights the supreme importance of rhetoric. Very, very few individuals, of any race, color or creed, are as intellectually courageous as the reader, or as ruthlessly devoted to dialectic. He was able to surmount the heavy influence of identity- to say nothing of being steeped in a lifetime of rhetoric - through nothing more than educating himself through information, but it took him a long time and it was a difficult and emotionally painful process. (For me, admitting the truth about free trade was a similar, though less painful intellectual baptism of fire.) No individual who is limited to rhetoric, or is even modestly susceptible to rhetoric, will ever intellectually survive that arduous process.

Pain is the path to truth. If a fact bothers you, if it triggers you, if it makes you want to shy away from contemplating it, that is the signpost indicating the way you will have to go in order to find the truth. As a far better philosopher than me once said, it is a hard and narrow path.

And the reader's email also demonstrates why the Alt-West is likely to become the intellectual driving force of the Alt-Right over time. Those who support the Alt-Right for dialectical reasons rather than for reasons related to rhetoric, culture, and identity, those who can never be a part of the Alt-White due to identity, are generally going to be as intellectually formidable as they are emotionally courageous.