Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nothing about the Trump presidency will be peaceful - by Robert Ringer

The one bad thing that came out of this most historic of all elections is that, sadly, it looks like there will be no Trump TV after all. But at least the Face of Evil proved me right about her never becoming president of the United States, though I admit I never thought she would come as close as she did.

(The fact is that, notwithstanding all the euphoria over Hillary’s embarrassing defeat, but for a few percentage points here and there, she very well could have won. Thus, it’s folly to believe that there’s a mandate for Donald Trump to take drastic action to put an end to the establishment corruption in D.C.)

This election also proved once again that Barack Obama is a fiction created by the media, as his enthusiastic campaigning for Hillary brought yet another embarrassing rejection of both him and his policies. If there was any doubt about what Americans thought of his “accomplishments,” they were shattered by the results of this election. For the third time in six years, BHO campaigned hard for Dirty Dem candidates— this time with a life-and-death fervor of someone running for a third term, which he was — and once again got his bloated ego handed to him on a platter.

No doubt most Americans were surprised when Trump and Hillary gave their lovey-dovey victory and concession speeches, respectively, and when Obama talked the next day about the importance of both sides working together. Then, to top it all off, pundits were twitterpating over his “peaceful transition” meeting with Trump. But, alas, it’s nothing more than showbiz optics for the TV cameras.

What few people — and virtually everyone in the media — fail to understand is that when politicians talk about working together, they mean working together to implement their policies. This is especially true of the Dirty Dems. This will become evident very early into the Trump presidency, and probably before he ever even takes office. Anything Trump and the Republican Congress try to pass into law will be swiftly and viciously opposed by the newly elevated Mafia boss Chuck Schumer and his criminal cohorts, with Barack Corleone behind the curtain urging him on and feeding him dirty-trick instructions.

The street protests that began the night after Trump was elected were the first signs of the violent resistance that is to come. And, notwithstanding his phony peaceful-transition talk after his meeting with Trump, Obama will as always, be behind the scenes brewing up trouble. In fact, as far as BHO and the rest of the radical left are concerned, they’re still in power.

Which is why Trump made a huge mistake when he praised Obama and said he was looking forward to working with him and meeting with him often. Imagine inviting Obama back in the door! Right now Trump is smelling the aroma of power, and the danger is that he will try to please the very criminals he fought so hard to expose and defeat. I remember when Richard Nixon fell victim to this mistake, which at the time I labeled “kingitis” — the notion that you must make nice to your enemies so they will love you and cooperate with you in return. Lest you’ve forgotten, that didn’t work out too well for Tricky when Watergate hit the fan.

Listen up: Neither Barack Obama nor anyone else on the radical left has any intention of working with either Trump or the Republican Congress. Perhaps a goodly number of Republican Trump haters will timidly get on board the Trump Train in order to protect their own careers, as was evidenced in Paul Ryan’s Save-My-Ass speech Wednesday morning, but Ryan’s after-the-fact overture to Trump was precisely the kind of thing that has long disgusted voters. It was a last minute about-face in the hopes that Trump would keep him on as Speaker of the House, which he almost certainly will.

It would be a tragedy if Trump fell victim to kingitis and lost control of the very movement he led. The millions of enthusiastic people who voted for him did not do so in the hopes that he would “work with” those who are trying to, and succeeding at, destroying America. They voted for him in the belief that he would totally oppose their anti-American agenda and bring down the entrenched and corrupt system of the political class.

Thus, notwithstanding what they say on camera, the radical left does not want Trump to succeed. Think about it logically. Why would they want someone to succeed at dismantling everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish and take America in a direction that is 180 degrees removed from the course they now have it on? Best Trump forget about making nice to the criminal class and focus on fulfilling all the promises he made to voters or he’s going to find himself hated by both sides.

And one of the earliest items on his agenda should be dealing with Hillary’s arrogant criminality. That should be easy because all he needs to do is turn both the email and Clinton Foundation racketeering cases over to the new attorney general (hopefully Rudy Giuliani) and let him run with them. Contrary to what the know-nothing media believes, this is the kind of thing a majority of Trump voters would like to see addressed as quickly as possible.

If the cases are prosecuted legitimately, Hillary (and possibly Bill) will face a hundred years or more in prison. Then, of course, no pardons and no suspended sentences from Trump. As to BHO’s stepping in and giving the Clintons pardons before he leaves office, that would be a tough call for him. He’s already leaving behind a legacy as the worst president in U.S. history — Obamacare, the stimulus disaster, and the Help-Iran-Build-the Bomb agreement at the top of his list of failures — and pardoning two high-profile, convicted criminals would expose him historically as the Alinskyite that he is. Whether or not he pardons the HillBillies would almost certainly depend upon how much the Clintons have on him — and my guess is that that’s plenty.

I can understand Trump’s wanting to come out of the starting gate on a gracious note, but it made me wince when he said, in his victory speech: “We owe her [Hillary] a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country, and I mean that very sincerely.”
Really? Let’s be clear here: We owe Hillary Clinton nothing but a long prison sentence. She has done nothing good for the people of this country but has done a whole lot to harm them. And her criminal activities put her just behind the Rosenbergs when it comes to crimes against America.

Trump then went on to say, “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.” Nice words, but, lest you forget, when Obama and his cohorts in crime swept into power in 2009, they gave the Republicans the middle finger and literally locked them out of meetings (especially Obamacare meetings), with Obama himself arrogantly reminding Republicans, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”  From whence came such atrocities as Obamacare, illegal executive orders, turning a blind eye to sanctuary cities, and a doubling of the national debt.

If Trump falls victim to the fantasy that he can be loved by everyone and hedges on his commitment to drain the swamp — which can only be done through harsh and prompt action — he may be facing the challenge of a new party led by Ted Cruz in 2020.

It’s good that Trump haters began protesting in the streets the day after he was elected because it should remind him just how loathsome and violent the people are whom he is up against. His White House meeting with Obama and all the talk about how the United States believes in a “peaceful transfer of power” is just that — talk.

I wish it were not so, but the sad reality is that nothing about the Trump presidency will be peaceful. Once the radical left finally achieved power in 2008, the concept of peaceful transfer of power came to an unofficial end. Communists don’t give up power willingly; they fight to the bitter end to hold onto it. Despicable as they may be, those on the radical left are relentless, violent, and loyal to the cause of tyranny. They are, in fact, a pack of deplorables.