Saturday, November 26, 2016

THE NINE LAWS: now in print - by Ivan Throne acceptance of shackles is your sentence of death. In agreement to be helpless you abrogate and abandon your manhood and power. By limiting mobility of thought, word or deed you reduce your humanity and nobility of character.

The dark and difficult truth is that freedom is the most dangerous thing in the universe. In recognition that unbounded freedom is the natural order, and in your rejection of the artificial constraints of external imposition, comes the ability to attain complete prerogative of choice.

In this ability to choose is your manifestation of purpose, the concealment of vulnerability, and the decision to survive despite all odds and to endure any experience presented.

When each action, each thought, each emotion and each breath of life is, for you, the result of a choice – then you have attained the ultimate fountain of total wealth, which is freedom itself from the will of others and from imposition upon you of choices that are not your own.

In the acceptance of your choice alone is the nurtured and honored primacy of your own conscience.

You cannot force a man to abide by his conscience.

You cannot force a man to violate it.

For a man’s conscience is the conclusion of his bare and starkly naked dialogue with God. The direction of his determination into the will of Heaven arises from a command deliberately made to his immortal spirit.

You must utterly adhere to your own conscience, and discard any lesser demands upon your thought, your word and your deed. For your conscience is your alignment with the divine and the salvation of your spiritual resolution.

The laws of men are merely arguments of the violent.

The strictures of culture are but drifting ashes of the weak.

Love is a choice. Honor is a choice. Trust is a choice. Success is a choice. Glory and power and gold are a choice.

A Dark Triad Man knows that his freedom is his birthright and guards that freedom with savage and unflinching perseverance, even before the glittering throne of Caesar.

Without freedom there is nothing.

Freedom is the Sixth Law.

Ivan Throne's fiercely uncompromising philosophical action manual, THE NINE LAWS, are now available in hardcover and paperback editions.