Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cliodynamics? Whadat? - Comment by Crush Limbraw on Vox Day's blogsite on related article

Well, I finally learned what cliodynamics is. (Don't ask what I thought it was at first.:)

The biggest argument I have had with other folks in the last few months is their obsessive focus on Trump. That's all they saw. When I said that Trump is just riding a wave in history, their reaction was basically 'no comprende'. It was either Trump is DaMessiah or Old Scratch himself.

The same is true for us Alt Right leaners - there is little we can do about any of this, except design our strategy and tactics to take the best advantage of the reality which awaits us.

The examples of how too many of us depend on the 'wishing well' approach abound in politics and our culture. Conservatives would worship at DaGOP 'wishing well' - even though DaGOP was never conservative.
Christians pray and send their children to the public school 'wishing well' and then wonder why their children never grow up. Etc. etc. etc.

Vox, your "The fate of the Alt Right does not depend upon one of its media-christened figureheads, but upon its willingness to align itself with the observable patterns of history as they play out." - nails it for me and I thank you for confirming my suspicions.

In other words - keep your eye on the ball - never mind the danged squirrel!