Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vox Popoli: Denying Jesus and America

The relentlessly dishonest Ben Shapiro was quick to publicly deny both Jesus Christ and the Christian heritage of America while taking speedy exception to a rabbi telling Christians the truth about her religion. Shut it down! Unfortunately for the Littlest Chickenhawk, Twitter was well-informed and having none of it. Do not be deceived. Shapiro is a lying, parasitical snake; he is a Fake Right Fake American who has been artificially propped up in the media for nearly two decades in order to lead Christians and conservatives astray.
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg@TheRaDR
This might be a good time to note that “Judeo-Christian” is not a thing and we Jews would like you to stop conflating our tradition with your American Christianity.

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro
This is nonsense.

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro

Judaism and Christianity are deeply intertwined. American Christianity has generally had a deeper love for the Old Testament than European Christianity. And the vast majority of religious American Christians see the Jews as the root of the tree of Christ.

Ben Shapiro
The fact that America is Judeo-Christian and not merely Christian is a reflection of those facts.

Ben, there is no Judeo-Christ!

Heather Anne@cler_morgaine
Judaism and Christianity are both *Abrahamic* faiths. The term 'judeo-christian' is used to to fake religious pluralism while excluding Islam, which arguably has more in common with both than they do each other.

Dr. Ramone, Esq.@melvinramone
Judaism rejects the core premise of Christianity. You're making up facts.

Cornelius Rye@CorneliusRye2
It's literally not. It's a very recent invention by YOUR PEOPLE. Jews have very little to do with America pre-WWII.

You represent Talmudism. Different thing.

White evangelical Christians' rate Jews 69 out of 100, but Jews rate evangelical Christians 34 out of 100. I look forward to the day when Christians wake up from the "Judeo-Christian" "greatest ally" con and realize that Jews hate them.

Please tell me which of the Founders was a Jew.

Deplorable Unum
Wrong. America predates the 20th Century, when the "Judeo-Christan"  term first appeared. Stop trying to rewrite America history, little Benny.

The Forgotten Man@_ForgottenMan
As many of the presidents of the past have said, "This is a Christian nation." The Judeo-Christian makes no sense, Judaism and Christianity are two very different religions.
And then, of course, there is the absolute, conclusive proof that America was never "Judeo-Christian" in any sense, as the term in its current form didn't even exist prior to WWII.

However, the rabbi is not entirely correct. It isn't so much "American Christianity" that attempts to falsely conflate Christianity and the post-Temple rabbinical talmudism that presently passes for Judaism. It is self-serving diasporans resident in the US like Ben Shapiro who have done so, in a moderately successful post-WWII propaganda campaign fueled by a poem and a play to deceive Americans about their own Christian heritage and the central importance of Christianity to both America and the West.

If you don't get why I bother to make these historical clarifications, if you don't realize the importance of the understanding the truth of this matter for Christians, I encourage you to contemplate the warnings from the Book of Revelation about the deception of the saints. From what nation will the Lawless One come? From what tribe will the False Messiah hail? In what city will he rule? What group of people are most central to the ongoing attempts to legally restrict the ability of badthinkers and thought criminals to make a living, to ensure that no one can buy or sell who does not have their mark of approval? On behalf of what nation have laws been passed to eliminate the right of Americans and others across the West to freely express their opinions about history and trade? What group of people and what religion relentlessly preach the New Babel and oppose nationalism in almost every nation around the world? Precisely how is the world to be "healed" and what would this healed world look like?

Make no mistake about this: Judeo Christ is another name for pseudokhristos and an ecumenical satanism that includes this anti-Christian, ahistorical, explicitly anti-Biblical "Judeochristianity" is his religion. But you need not take my word for the mythical nature of Judeo-Christianity. Even the early neocons were more honest, as Arthur Cohen attested in his 1969 Commentary article entitled "The Myth of the Judeo-Christian tradition".
It is an apparent truism that the concept of the Judeo-Christian tradition has particular currency and significance in the United States. It is not a commonplace in Europe as it is here; rather, Europeans since the war have become habituated to speak of Jewish-Christian amity, to define the foundations and frontiers of community, to describe and, in describing, to put to rest, historic canards and libels. In Europe they are not addicted as we are here to proclaiming a tradition in which distinctions are fudged, diversities reconciled, differences overwhelmed by sloppy and sentimental approaches to falling in love after centuries of misunderstanding and estrangement. I need not speak at length here of the religion of American secularism, that uncritical Jacobinism which is neither fish nor fowl, and certainly neither Christian nor Jewish. Suffice it to say that such secular religiosity is correctly perceived by both communities to be dangerous; it is the common quicksand of Jews and Christians. And it is here that we can identify the myth. Jews and Christians have conspired together to promote a tradition of common experience and common belief, whereas in fact they have joined together to reinforce themselves in the face of a common disaster. Inundated institutions have made common cause before a world that regards them as hopelessly irrelevant, and meaningless. The myth, then, is a projection of the will to endure of both Jews and Christians, an identification of common enemies, an abandonment of millennial antagonisms in the face of threats which do not discriminate between Judaism and Christianity; and these threats, the whole of the Triple Revolution—automation, the population explosion, nuclear warfare—these are the threats which evoke the formation of the myth.

The threats are real and desperate, but patching-over will not, in the long run, help. Patching-over can only deteriorate further what it seeks to protect. The Judeo-Christian tradition is an eschatological myth for the Christian who no longer can deal with actual history and a historical myth for Jews who can no longer deal with the radical negations of eschatology.
Or, alternatively, take the word of Dr. Jacob Klatzkin, the late editor of the Encyclopedia Judaica:
We are not hyphenated Jews; we are Jews with no qualifications or reservations. We are simply aliens; we are a foreign people in your midst, and we emphasize, we wish to stay that way. There is a wide gap between you and us, so wide that no bridge can be laid across it. Your spirit is alien to us; your myths, legends, habits, customs, traditions and national heritage, your religious and national shrines, your Sundays and holidays... They are all alien to us.
And if Marco Rubio, of all people, is selling the "Judea-Christian heritage" concept, that alone should be more than enough to confirm that it is false.
The debate after #Parkland reminds us We The People don’t really like each other very much. We smear those who refuse to agree with us. We claim a Judea-Christian heritage but celebrate arrogance & boasting. & worst of all we have infected the next generation with the same disease 
The point is that We are not The People, we are now multiple peoples, multiple nations, and multiple religions, all caught up in conflict over who will wield the imperial power over whom. More importantly, there is no "Judeo-Christianity". There is no "Judeo-Christian tradition" and there are no "Judeo-Christian values". You cannot follow both Jesus Christ and Judeo Christ.