Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vox Popoli: It's a start, anyhow

Kurt Schlichter appears to have correctly concluded that more dire warnings will not suffice to deter the Left:
They hate you. And we must act accordingly.

 The first step is the political battle. Wake up – the midterms are coming and we need to ensure that these people do not gain the power to undercut our rights. At CPAC, President Trump demonstrated that his competitive nature is in full effect – he intends on winning. We need to do the same. Volunteer. Donate. Activate. Yeah, it’s a hassle. We’d all like a pause to this constant cold warfare. That is not happening.

The second step is the cultural battle. The left is intent on mobilizing the corporations that form the infrastructure of society against us. We need to respond with our own political power, and that means casting off the tired shackles of an ideology that assumes we are in a pure free market scenario. “Free market solutions” don’t apply where companies instead act based on political ideology when choosing to exercise political power; how, exactly, do we respond to a company that acts against us but decides it doesn’t care about the market consequences? Well, we can’t – unless we use our own political power. Georgia refusing to give Delta a tax break – which it should not have gotten in the first place – is the template. If they want to declare a cultural war on us, let’s give them one. It’s not how you or I want it to be, but it is how it is. Maybe pain will motivate them to re-adopt the old rules. Surrender sure won’t.

The third step is to create deterrent facts on the ground. Demonstrate your commitment to your rights by joining the NRA and, further, by buying guns and ammunition. Tyranny is not out of the question – hey, aren’t they always calling Trump Hitler? Tens, even hundreds of millions of armed American Normals provide a deterrent to the kind of insanity we’ve seen the left hinting at. Be prepared to protect the Constitution, and the chances of them getting violent will diminish exponentially. Remember, they don’t want to fight; they prefer we give up under a barrage of hectoring from CNN and vicious tweets about how we hate children.

Yes, it’s ugly. Yes, perhaps it’s even frightening. But it is how it is, with leftists who makes no bones about what they think of you. They hate you. And you need to act accordingly.

It's something. It's a start. But it's still very far from sufficient. If you're still hoping that "pain will motivate them to re-adopt the old rules", then you're still failing to understand and accept the current situation. And sure, it could be somewhat demoralizing to see how many so-called conservatives, and how much of the so-called Right, simply refuses to support the only people willing to stand up and defend America, Christianity, and the West.

But so what? We don't need those cowardly, lukewarm ninnies more concerned about appeasing the enemy than they are about defending their nation, their faith, and their families any more than Gideon needed the mouthdrinkers, George Washington needed the Tories, or Jesus Christ needed the masses he fed with the bread and fish. Alt
Hero has 2,160 backers. After only one video, Voxiversity already has 261. And all our Lord and Savior needed was 12.

We can win. And we will win. All we have to do is find the courage to show up and fight. Support those who openly stand up for the good, the right, and the true. Ignore those who won't, and oppose those who attack them.