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Condition Red Revisited: White Male Erasure in Advertising, by Edmund Connelly - The Unz Review


One year ago, I wrote a massive 7,000-word photo essay demonstrating the disappearance of White males in visual advertising and related areas. It really is a stunning development and simply can’t be missed. From The Occidental Observer, it was picked up by The Unz Review and became my most viewed and commented upon essay I’ve ever done, garnering 730 comments. And I think that’s fair because it was highly informative, visual, intense, and it explained who was
deliberately airbrushing the White male out of the mediagenerated visual arena as part of a brutal War on Whites. That long photo essay is even more necessary now because over the last twelve months, there has emerged an unfortunate error in that far too many pro-White writers are now directly blaming blacks for their visual replacement of White males. Blacks, however, have zero agency in this war and are obviously being used as frontline shock troops against the White race, as they have been since the end of the Civil War. The real power, of course, belongs to world Jewry.

Today I am less ambitious than last year and will simply offer an updated reprise of my earlier photo essay, with the goal of exposing new readers to images of White erasure and an explanation of how Jews prosecute this theater of The War on Whites. It should also act as a “booster shot” (those being all the rage this year) for those who read or skimmed last year’s essay. It sure was long, and the way it was broken up into two sections likely encouraged some people to skip Part Two, which was actually the meat of the essay.

For that reason, I will offer here links to last year’s long essay because it is still entirely relevant — maybe more so than before because the White male erasure has actually become more blatant and pervasive, if that’s even possible. Here are
the links:

That out of the way, I’ll begin this reprise, offering an encouraging notice from one of the more prominent “old-school” personalities with pro-White sympathies, Paul Craig Roberts, who posted these comments to my essay:

Dismissal was the liberal-left’s old technique. Today you are erased. Edmund Connelly writes that white Americans are now being visually displaced and are becoming invisible in their own country.

Connelly writes that as a consequence of the bold and growing efforts of those who demonize white people, “The white male has become the monstrous Other in his own nation, a nation he does not recognize and that no longer recognizes him.”

To demonstrate the disappearance of the white American male, Connelly examines the advertisements that we see every day. White males do not appear in them, and white females appear only with black males. As visual images help to form
our sense of ourselves, the erasure of the white male removes from society’s picture of itself the backbone of Western civilization and presents white women as the property of black men.

This Jewish weaponization of imagery is hardly new, evidenced — by chance — by an astute essay I just read by fellow TOO writer Andrew Joyce. In it, he examines how White children have been taught to value the Other while loathing
White identity. As early as the genesis of Sesame Street, this process was cunningly put in place, as this photo shows:

Joyce notes that Sesame Street was conceived as “a program that exposes young children to a variety of attractive black and Hispanic models,” a technique on steroids today. Of course it’s par for the course that “idealistic urban Jews were integral to Sesame Street’s origins” and that “These efforts to modify the behavior of White children via television were closely related to earlier Jewish efforts, in the 1950s and 1960s, to modify White racial attitudes.” It’s continued apace ever since, reaching truly shocking levels today.

Cribbing from last year’s essay, here’s an example. A close relative’s elementary school in an extremely White area brought home a brochure for school photos. About it, I wrote:

Not one — not ONE — image of a White boy. Based in Minnesota, Lifetouch, the company responsible for these photos, “provides photography for families, schools, and places of worship, has over 22,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and Canada.” It is described as “The world’s largest school photography company.” Surely this photo company understands the symbolic value of images, but, alas, this is the hell our Hostile Elite has created for us Majority Whites. (Incidentally, when I went to Lifetouch’s homepage just this second, here was the banner that greeted me) :

Next, I discussed the execrable Scholastic News, which, like almost all public school education across the board, is directed at non-whites like this:

Among other things, I unpacked the image of one of the rare White boys to appear:

As usual,

There’s never meaningful variation in this script: an Asian boy is passively pouting, while a brown girl sternly (and morally) lectures the culprit — a little White bully. And not just White but decidedly Nordic. Remember, for propaganda to be effective, the message must be endlessly repeated: “White Boy Bad!” And it’s quite an audience they have: “Over 6 million students read Scholastic News every week!” Incidentally, I don’t see much reading material from Scholastic, as it is composed overwhelmingly of pictures, images that are meant to instill an anti-White agenda, not boost reading skills. In other words, it’s of a piece with almost all public education material.

The year 1966, the germ of Sesame Street was planted. The year 2020, when White male children do appear, they are the bad guys. Straight-line vilification.

Now let’s start our update, almost randomly, as though you’re passively viewing TV, surfing the Net, or leafing through a magazine at your dentist’s office. Overwhelmingly, chances are you will see things exactly like the following:












OK, you get the picture. This is EXACTLY what you see every single day you have access to ads. It’s all long since part of our visual furniture in the room. Is it even conceivable that it has no effect?

Next, I could randomly choose any five or ten industries or institutions in America and the results would be the same. Let’s start with for-profit businesses. If there’s one thing we know about the Free World companies that trounced the Soviet bloc, it is that they aim to make money. But does that remain their main motive? Paul Craig Roberts thinks not. “It is certainly not more profitable,” he writes, “to market to black persons than to white persons. It is as if US corporations do not want to reach white consumers in their ads. Anti-white ideologies have prevailed even over corporate greed! That should scare you to death.”

Let’s jog through some examples, starting with BANKS:





Insurance Companies





For some reason, airlines seem to have gone all out in replacing their fare-paying White male pilots and passengers with women and blacks:








Naturally, this put me in mind of United Airlines’ stated intention to radically alter the racial and gender composition of their piloting staff:

Woke Corporations Fight Reality to Promote People of Color: United Airlines Declares War on Employing Predominately White Pilots

“Bye Bye, Chalk Demons!”
“Bye Bye, Chalk Demons!”

In Paul Kersey’s discussion about this reprehensible trend to openly and legally discriminate against White men, Kersey quotes: “United Airlines said on Tuesday it wants women and people of color to make up at least half of the 5,000 pilots it plans to train this decade at its new flight school, a push to diversify a career traditionally dominated by white men.”

Kersey then draws the obvious conclusion: “White privilege is a myth. Extreme anti-whiteness from Corporate America is a fact.”

Not surprisingly, the armed forces follow this trend as well:

“To the Back of the Bus, Mayo Monkey Man!”
“To the Back of the Bus, Mayo Monkey Man!”





Needless to say, universities have long, long since been lost to replacement of White males:





After I wrote last year’s “Condition Red” essay, a reader using the handle “Schindler’s guest list” replied in a way that nicely summarizes my points:

Even though I knew the author [Connelly] was telling the truth and that I’ve been bombarded with this messaging for years (despite being tuned out to mass media relative to most), I went ahead and did my own research experiment. Just to rule out any confirmation bias I may have. It was so disheartening and infuriating. Every corporation, bank, insurance company, government bureau, tech conglomerate, university, basically any institution of any importance or consequence in America had websites and internet advertising assailing the viewer with genius blacks, proud asians, happy mulattos, Bourgeois latinos, mixed race couples (with black men and white women of course), strong white women, but zero white men. Nowhere. It’s as if we simply no longer exist.

What’s Going On?

In short, there is an ever intensifying war going on — waged only by one side — between Jews and Whites. The entire constellation of black images we all see is a facet of that war, entirely concocted by Jews. Blacks have no say in it either way.

They are visual shock troops in this instance (vs. physical shock troops in organizations such as Black Lives Matter and simply in daily life in America, Britain and South Africa, where they routinely rape and kill Whites at an alarming rate — which Jewish control of the media hides from us).

White Folks, your enemies now openly control the government in Washington, DC. Does that scare you? The nonsense surrounding the Jan. 6 “insurrection” is but one example of how government machinery is grinding down the White race. “Lawfare” against White who marched in Charlottesville in 2017 is another. And it’s all linked.

Take for instance, the current Attorney General, Merrick Garland. He is Jewish and is clearly at war with Whites. (Don’t confuse Garland with fellow Jew, “Latino” Alejandro Mayorkas, who is head of Homeland Security.) Philip Giraldi, for one, has zeroed in on Garland’s anti-White hostility, describing Garland’s “declaration of war against white supremacists as the single
greatest terrorist threat the United States faces today.” If the “white supremacist” label scares you, realize that Giraldi also correctly adds that Garland’s war “now also includes parents who do not support “critical race theory” (CRT) in the nation’s public schools. And of course almost all such parents are White.

Isn’t it a little unbalanced that such a high official would use “the nation’s law enforcement resources to come down on hard on people (read: White people)? Yeah, I suppose it is, but don’t hold your breath waiting for “your” media to discuss this. After all, as Giraldi writes, “The mainstream media has little to say on the issue, most probably because Garland is a protected species called ‘Jewish.’”

Since the mainstream media won’t say it, I will. And I’ll explain a few things, too.

In September, a new writer for TOO named “Solovyev” did an informative piece about Merrick Garland and his strong Jewish identity, beginning by noting that the family name had once been “Garfinkle.” Solovyev alluded to Garland’s “obsession with ‘White supremacy’” and his “emotionalism over ‘anti-Semitsim,’” both of which are tied in with his desire to use the machinery of government to protect Critical Race Theory. Let me explain.

Some journalist named Tyler Durden wrote an article called Conflict Of Interest? AG Garland’s Family Getting Rich Selling Critical Race Theory Materials To Schools, in which he tied Garland to a company publishing material on CRT. “Merrick’s daughter, Rebecca Garland,” Durden writes “is married to the co-founder of an education resource company that pushes critical race theory — which angry parents across the country are protesting.” (Remember, that would be angry WHITE parents.) Durden tracked this information down to a 2018 wedding announcement in the NY Times: “Rebecca Garland and Alexander Newman Tanner were married June 16. Rabbi Brian D. Field officiated at the St. Vrain, an events space in Longmont, Colo. The bride’s father [then] Judge Merrick B. Garland, took part in the ceremony, giving a tribute to the couple.” How sweet.

Durden, of course, was only partially right, thinking that Garland’s “getting rich” was the telling factor in the connection to CRT. That, however, is a rather minor point, I would argue. Instead, we need to understand that Garland and his Jewish son-in-law are involved with CRT because it is an effective weapon against the White race in America, as I unpacked last June in my essay Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon. I get very annoyed when one conservative or White Nationalist after another refers to programs such as CRT as “Leftist” when it is far more correct to understand them as Jewish. Andrew Joyce’s 2015 TOO article Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies” as well as his above mentioned essay that just appeared on TOO, No Country for White Children, add further to my argument.

OK, that was getting a bit tangential for some, no doubt, so back to pictures. The White House has come up with a little cartoon story to tout its Build Back Better campaign, a representative image of which is here:

Ann Coulter didn’t much care for The White House Linda story, however:

A cartoon illustrates the sort of person who would benefit from Biden’s Build Back Better programs: “Linda,” a white woman, who works at a manufacturing plant but struggles to raise her son, “Leo.” [And somehow, “Leo” ends up being non-white. EC] One thing the White House’s official press release did not mention is that almost all of the $2 trillion doled out under BBB is expressly designated for Black, Latino, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander and non-English speaking individuals. White Americans will get nothing and like it.

Over and over again, the bill is written expressly NOT to help the hardworking Linda, apparently because she is white. …

But wait — here’s a plot twist! This part also includes something for rural America! (So Democrats have heard of Appalachia.) Twenty-one percent of the country is rural. Twenty-four percent is non-white. Guess how the money is divvied up?
One billion dollars for minorities and $200 million for “rural business centers.” Even provisions that don’t explicitly exclude whites, turn out, on closer examination, to exclude whites. I’ve never seen so many synonyms for “non-white,” such as “persistent poverty communities,” “historically economically distressed,” “historical injustice” and “underserved communities.”

Hang on, Ann — what makes you think “underserved” means “non-white”?

I refer you to page 111 of the bill:

“This section also defines an ‘underserved community’ as a group of people who have been systematically denied the full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social, and civic life. Underserved communities include Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, other persons of color, [etc.].”

How about changes to our environmental laws? White people love the environment! Sorry, out of luck, again, white boy.

If you liked this photo essay, I again recommend that you return to last year’s original [Condition Red] essay, which is, if I may be so bold as to say, a bit of a tour de force in this photo essay genre. Both the present essay and that one may create an impression on family and friends, so try to tactfully share them.

Finally, given that it’s the Christmas season, rest assured that I have a new installment in my popular “Jewish War on Christmas” series in which we can further explore the Jewish War on Whites. It will also have plenty of pictures.