Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Pandemic of the Vaccinated - Vox Popoli

 They have been repeatedly caught lying to you before. They will absolutely lie to you again. Don’t trust a single “fact” that is presented to you by a) the government, b) the media, or c) the medical community. Ever.

I’ve just had this news in from a Maidstone hospital consultant surgeon.

There are currently 45 people in Maidstone hospital with COVID. They are listed as half unvaccinated and half vaccinated. A 50/50 split.

But here is the realty of what I’ve been informed.

50% have had two jabs and the booster. The other 50% have had two jabs and no booster but have been marked down as unvaccinated!

Do not believe a word the government and their supporting corporations say. Not one person completely unvaccinated is in Maidstone hospital.

It was obvious that they were going to try to pull this sort of thing from the moment they introduced the “fully-vaccinated” language, because deceivers rely heavily upon the manipulation of definitions. Both “fully-vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” are moving targets, so don’t take any news report using either term at face value.

Omicron is the pandemic of the vaccinated.