Saturday, December 18, 2021

TB For Breakfast - by Karl Denninger

 Well well look what we have here.

Tuberculosis eh?  An outbreak of tuberculosis?

Note something very interesting folks: TB frequently produces a latent infection that has no symptoms of any sort; only about 5% of the time does it get out of control and produce an active and dangerous infection.  It also has a six to 18 month serial infection rate; that is, since it grows slowly in immune-competent people if you have it about six months will pass before the next person, if you give it to someone, will get it and have symptoms.

Further, in developed nations with reasonable living conditions and sanitation the R0 has been characterized as <1.0, which means it is incapable of maintaining an "outbreak."

This is why, when I was a kid, it was considered routine at your annual physical to get a TB "tine test"; they stabbed your arm with a multi-tine contraption that had an antigen on it; if you developed a reaction to that you had a latent infection you were unaware of.

One twist to this is that there are multi-drug resistant strains.  If you get one of those you're in serious trouble if your immune system cannot fight it off and you suffer an acute infection.  In fact you may well be ****ed since you then have something that has no treatment modality that works.

So what's unique here?

Well, first, we're importing a crap-ton of turd-world fools without any screening.  Our border is wide open and we're busing them everywhere, then setting said people free.  These people are all at high risk to begin with; all the high-transmission areas where R0 has been high enough to maintain transmission have been turd-world hellholes.  Brandon, along with Trump and everyone else has refused to step on that crap and, if necessary, post the military at the border with orders to shoot.

This, by the way, was the purpose of Ellis Island; to medically screen people on a routine basis and deny those entry who were medically unsafe.  We used to give a crap about things like this but we no longer do.

Second, what have we done among those people at Goldman's Office that might have impacted their immune systems and thus effectively turned NYC into a Basu, South Africa from an immunological perspective?


Oh, by the way, since Tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria, which is a complete organism, masks can not only incubate the infection they can spread it wildly with rabid efficiency since all a bacterium needs to survive and multiply is something to eat, moisture and warmth all of which it has in a nice, breathed-through and reused mask.

You may well have been that stupid, America.  Yep -- add a compromised immune system and a bacterial incubator together and what do you get?  I think the way you spell the result is "****ED."

I warned both in my column here over the space of more than a year and in multiple appearances before the County Commission that "mask mandates" were dangerous as untrained members of the public simply cannot comply with the procedural and other requirements to avoid the risk of bacterial propagation and if it happened it could be much worse than ***** was capable of.

May I point out that the timeline of this event falls exactly within the expected boundary if a certain thing we did en-masse caused said immune compromise AND we "mandated" that people wear and toss around bacterial incubation devices with wild abandon?

Naw, that's not proof -- correlation never is -- but it damned well ought to wake you up.

TB is no joke and if its a drug-resistant strain it's not something that will buff right out either.