Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Darkest Christmas, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review

 It’s past time we get serious. This Covid madness will only stop when there’s a leader of a country or US state who dares to resist, and I mean totally, not just with a few gestures like DeSantis of Florida. I see no one in the US who’s likely to do this. There are people speaking the truth, but they have no power base.

Detail of illustration by Travis King

Just before Communist tanks rumbled into Saigon in 1975, the American radio station played repeatedly Irving Berlin’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” as crooned by Bing Crosby. It was the final alarm for Americans to rush to predesignated evacuation points. All was lost for Uncle Sam.

As an 11-year-old in Saigon, I didn’t know Bing Crosby from Dave Bing, the hall of fame point guard, nor have I seen snow. Christmas in Saigon was always hot and festive, with hundreds of people converging on its cathedral. All neighborhood churches overflowed for midnight mass. Star shaped lanterns hung at Catholic homes, and nativity scenes, often elaborate, could be seen even at private businesses, not just churches. My grandma glowed from so much happiness.

Playing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” during April was certainly bizarre. In “Elvis Phong is Dead,” I fictionalize that moment, “I remember April 30, 1975 very well. I was sitting in my office at Viet Rock!, overlooking Nguyen Hue Boulevard. I could hear distant explosions and nearby gunshots. No sirens, strangely enough. Get away from the window, I thought absentmindedly but did nothing. I felt fatalistic that day, and wanted to be implicated in history, a vain and pompous notion. In any case, I had my radio turned on to the American station, in an early bid for nostalgia perhaps. Someone was singing ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas.’ Sick, absolutely sick!, the American sense of humor. A few blocks away, people were clawing at each other and trampling on bodies to get aboard the last ships to leave Saigon. I should have been among them. Communist tanks were rumbling in and I was going to be toast as the foremost rock and roll critic of Vietnam.”

I created a fictional Vietnamese rock critic because nothing symbolizes American vitality, innocence and irresponsibility as rock and roll. It can make even death or hell virile and sexy. In any case, a lot disappeared that day, and much is being vaporized now. The darkest Christmas is near.

With Uncle Sam blocking cheap natural gas from Russia, many Europeans will freeze to death. Suicides, domestic violence, food prices and vaccine fatalities, especially among the young, are way up. Soccer players collapse during games. Most Christmas markets in Germany and Austria have been canceled. Normally, they last over a month, with each night a carnival. Wurst and gluhwein, plus lángos, too.

Across Europe, hundreds of thousands of people have protested for months the Covid health pass, lockdowns or toxic jabs, but most Americans have no idea, as they’re brainwashed and tranquilized relentlessly by their Jewy government and media.

Their uniformity alone should wake you up. If the New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News and the Economist, etc., all push the I’ll-wipe-you-out-and-dash-your-children-against-the-rocks Yahweh vaccines, what about the littlest guys, in Bitsy Bung Holes?

Let’s check in on the Toledo Blade:

The goal should be to admit the gravity of the situation, stand and fight, but somehow also carry on.

Hence, we must take reasonable precautions but also calculated risks; note that being homebound is not as bad as being hospitalbound or standing in a breadline or crouching in a foxhole; and we wait, patiently, for the vaccine.

Idaho Statesman:

Decades of research has proven that vaccinations are literally our best shot at corralling COVID-19. Ask anyone over 80 years old about living with measles, mumps, and polio. Vaccines work and the data supporting their effectiveness is overwhelming.


As someone who worked at the CDC for 21 years, as an expert in vaccine-preventable diseases, I can tell you that following the proven science of vaccinations is our best path out of the pandemic. The COVID vaccines have been thoroughly tested, meeting strict FDA and CDC criteria, and safety is being closely monitored.

Hattiesburg American:

Mississippi just passed the grim milestone of 10,000 people lost to COVID-19. When a vaccine was announced, I told anyone in my circles I would take it if it allowed me to hug my now 94-year-old grandmother again, among other things.

This last editorialist, Marlon A. Walker, says that from the start of Covid, he wore masks and gloves everywhere, and “When the Amazon truck made a delivery, the box sat in the foyer at my townhouse to give time for the COVID-19 to wear off.” That’s some serious science, man.

It’s too bad Michael Jackson isn’t around to warn us against Covid. Way ahead of his time, a prophet really, Jackson wore masks for no good reason decades before it was mandated. Fornicating air on stage, Jacko fled in terror from all fleshy women, with their methanogens, yeasts and bacteria, up unseen channels, lurking in the dark, ready to ambush. Corona-chan is ready to mount you, Michael.

A public sex machine molested children in private, but then America’s most complete male athlete is an aging cross dresser. It’s all image.

Beyond the Jewy media spin, there’s grief everywhere, with all of it drawing almost no attention.

In a suburb of Melbourne, a woman placed a sign in her car’s back window, “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US.” Pouring four cans of gasoline on herself, she then set herself on fire.

Also in Australia, Aboriginals uploaded an SOS on YouTube. They say they’re being force vaccinated by Australian and foreign troops, with those trying to flee fined $3,586 [5,000 Australian dollars]:

We need international attention focused on what’s happening here in our communities […] So this is martial law. This is a war crime. This is a crime against humanity […] We are the Guinea pigs. We are the dry run for everything […] Do not think because you live in major cities that you avoid of it. This is a dry run for the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

In Portland, Maine, a 39-year-old man, Nicholas Mitchell, was sentenced to 4 years and 9 months for putting razor blades and screws in pizza dough at supermarkets.

Here’s the context: because of Covid, his girlfriend couldn’t work as a hair stylist. They argued, so cops arrested him. Homeless, Nick had to live in his car, then he was fired from It’ll Be Pizza. His felony, then, was a crazed attempt to get even. Luckily, no one was hurt.

For those on the lowest rungs, to eat and pay rent is already a huge challenge, physically, mentally and psychically, so any additional stress can be catastrophic. Without Covid, Nick’s life would not have nose dived.

In Vietnam, only 35 people died from Covid in 12 months before “vaccines” were introduced. In eight months since, 27,600 have perished. Last week, three teens were killed immediately after their second Pfizer shot. A hundred and twenty ended up in the hospital.

A Saigon friend is very sick after being Pfizered twice. Divorced, he has a 12-year-old son he raises alone. I can’t imagine how terrified this kid is. Quiet and smart, the boy’s big treat was an occasional trip to the KFC. Last time I saw them, we watched Vietnam playing somebody at a café.

Fearing arrest for using fake Covid vaccine certificates, a German killed his wife and children, aged 10, 8 and 4, then himself. So many unnecessary tragedies, with millions more to come, if not billions. There has never been a crime on this scale, with each life in every country affected.

Remember the Syrian three-year-old, lying face down, dead, on a Turkish beach? Of course, Alan Kurdi’s death was heartbreaking, but what about all the children dying now, from the Jew jabs?! The difference is, Kurdi’s death could be exploited by the Jewy press for political reason. Not so, all the kids dying now. They’re meant to die.

Hey, at least Ron Unz is standing on first base, Covid “vaccine” wise, after being bonked on the head by a Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 100mph fast ball.

Notice that all the white nationalists at Unz have said nothing about this “vaccine” genocide. They’re too preoccupied with niggers, niggers, niggers and the brown horde, but the same people encouraging black crime and brown illegal immigration are killing their white children, but hey, let’s just play it real safe, like smooth sailing Sailer!

“Hey white man, they’re killing your kids!”

“It’s OK, I’m looking for the nigger.”

I swear, man, I often feel like the beard on an Angry White Pussy Pride Parade.

It’s past time we get serious. This Covid madness will only stop when there’s a leader of a country or US state who dares to resist, and I mean totally, not just with a few gestures like DeSantis of Florida. I see no one in the US who’s likely to do this. There are people speaking the truth, but they have no power base.

If the governor of Vermont, say, starts to resist unequivocally, he’ll just get chased out of office, arrested on some bogus charge or shot.

If the governor of Texas, however, can get enough support, including, most crucially, from his National Guard, he can declare his state independent, and inspire not just millions of Americans, but billions of people worldwide.

Politicians can’t step out of line, however, because Uncle Sam and Jews have been spying on them forever, with each peccadillo tallied. You think Epstein was just an independent, fun loving pimp who happened to own an island?!

If you think you’ve got some kinky skeletons in your laughably puny closet, just consider these big boys, with an outsized lust for everything, not just power. They want to screw the unspeakable.

A friend of mine had a career in media in NYC. As he climbed up the ladder, he would be invited to parties where underaged sex was offered, with drugs to lubricate guests towards this abuse. What’s the point of reaching the top if you don’t win special prizes? It didn’t stop at old men screwing 16-year-olds. Children were also available. All this happened in handsome Midtown brownstones.

Once you’ve crossed the line, with videos to prove it, you’re theirs for life. This explains the behavior of countless politicians.

Since Israel has one of the highest rates of Covid “vaccination,” there’s no Jewish crime here, you might say. Emailing me, Henry Herskovitz clarifies, “Jews have never shied away from slaughtering their own to achieve what they felt to be overarching goals. Here’s David Ben Gurion in the late 1930’s: “If I knew that it was possible to save all the [Jewish] children in Germany by transporting them to England, but only half by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second.”

Plus, we don’t know which “vaccine” batches were sent there. Like the Colonel’s recipe, Pfizer’s death jabs are top secret. The FDA won’t reveal its data for licensing Pfizer’s “vaccine” for 55 years! If that isn’t another red flag…

With Christmas near, I’m dreaming of a turning point. With our lives made ever more difficult by preposterous laws, and with our close ones sick or dead though “vaccinated,” we must put a stop to all this. Reclaim your neighborhood, town or state by refusing to cooperate with this Satanic new normal.

A friend writes from Arizona, “I’m seeing more mental incarceration on display than I could have ever thought possible, with every increasingly absurd convolution of the shambolic narrative digested unflinchingly.”

Thinking has been crippled, but the mind can be rescued, if you’d just slow down and listen, in silence, to your least contaminated self above all. Scrambled brains must latch on to slogans. Follow the science.

Here in the southern hemisphere, it’ll be sunny and warm for Christmas. All along, black Africans have been the least swayed by Covid bullshit. Learn from them, to live again.

After a week in Kenya, a German friend emailed me, “People are compelled to wear masks in Kenya, most do, but you can walk around without one. Nobody ever bothered me. The most interesting thing was, Linh, the atmosphere was completely different [as compared to Frankfurt]. In Kenya, it was lively, vibrant, open. I mean, I saw suffering (beggars, cripples and dirt, etc.), but also a lot of people having fun. In Germany, the atmosphere is so bleak, so loaded with tiredness and aggressiveness—one can almost touch it.”

Stomped on, we’ve turned on each other, but let’s redirect our rage, for our lives depend on it. With Fauci a mass-murdering liar, whoever enables him is also a criminal, so starts from there.

Whoever defends the death jabs is complicit in mass murder. Already, our list is long.

Whoever ignores or distracts from this global emergency is, at best, useless, if not a tool of the mass murderers.

Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.