Sunday, December 19, 2021

PODCAST: Ron Unz: MSM Hit Piece on RFK Jr. Is "The Dog That Didn’t Bark", by Kevin Barrett / Truth Jihad - The Unz Review


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Ron Unz responded to the AP’s 4,000-word hit piece against RFK Jr. just hours after its publication. He noticed a very strange omission: “Almost half of the entire book under attack—around 200 pages—is devoted to the presenting and promoting the astonishing claim that everything we have been told about HIV/AIDS for more than 35 years probably amounts to a hoax…Yet not a single word of this astonishing situation appears in the long AP article, that attacks Kennedy on almost all other possible grounds, fair or unfair. Did all six of the AP writers and researchers somehow skip over those 200 pages in Kennedy’s bestseller?”

Probably not. More likely, they were told “don’t go there.”

But why not? After all, if RFK Jr. is an “AIDS denier,” the people tasked with destroying his reputation would surely say so….and then call him a homophobe, and probably a racist to boot. Wouldn’t they?

Not if they knew or suspected that RFK Jr.’s sources, including Nobel laureates Luc Montagnier and Kary Mullis, are right about the HIV hoax.

The MSM dog should have barked its head off about those 200 pages of RFK Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci. But it didn’t.

Paging Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock, we’ve got a problem!